Shamanism: Where You Can Have These Mystical Experiences

Have you ever heard of shamans and shamanism?

If you are into spiritual stuff, then, you might be lucky enough to be familiar with this unique practice. 

But if you are not, better brace yourself because you are about to enter a unique world that you have probably never imagined before.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice in the world. The shamanistic practice uses a set of practical methods that have been helping human beings on all continents of the planet to survive since the Paleolithic period despite the lack of contact with each other.  

What is a Shaman?

Shamans and Shamanism: Where in the World You Can Have These Mystical Experiences

Shamans are people considered to have influence in and access to the world of malevolent and benevolent spirits. A shaman often enters into a state of trance during rituals and practices healing and divination. 

It is believed that shamans can treat illnesses or ailments by fixing the soul. Reducing traumas that affect the spirit or soul helps restore a person’s physical body to wholeness and balance. Shamans also enter supernatural dimensions or realms to acquire solutions to issues that affect the community. 

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Practices of Shamanism All Over the World

If you are curious to experience authentic shamanism and all its mystiques, the good news is that continues to be practiced in many parts of the world right now.

  • Shamanism in Africa 

Most Africans today practice their own religions, but some continue to nurture their belief in spiritual teachings that can be traced back to ancient times. African shamans, just like other shamans, believe that evil spirits cause diseases and illnesses in people. Shamans in Africa help ward off evil spirits that attached themselves to an individual through the assistance of their ancestors and using ancient spiritual rituals. 

  • Shamanism in America

There are various tribes in America with different shamanistic practices. North America, for example, has somewhat different practices. Their spiritual healers are not really called shamans even if they practice and perform the same rituals as other shamans in other parts of America. 

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Using the psychoactive tree bark called Ayahuasca is common in South America. There is a belief that this psychedelic bark is directly related to the spiritual realm. 

This is the realm where you will find encounter spirits from the so-called beyond that can provide cosmic and ancient wisdom, offer spiritual advancements that you might otherwise miss out on during your ordinary human experience. 

The shamans in the American regions also tend to act as guides to spiritual knowledge in the form of healing.

  • Shamanism in Asia

This particular sect of shamans as well as their followers has definitely come a very long way through the years. There is even a belief that Shamanism may have originated in Asia. The shamanic traditions in Asia believe in tapping into animal spirits for guidance since animal spirits host exceptional power for healing.

Asian Shamans also use various instruments such as bells, drums, and others to conduct their ancient rituals. With Asia being the origin of Shamanism, most of the shamans in the region are known as among the most spiritually gifted people on the planet. 

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This makes Asia the perfect place to visit if you want the most authentic experience that you can only get from where everything originated. 

  • Shamanism in Europe

Siberian and Asian travelers brought Shamanism to Europe. From then on, shamans added their spiritual teachings to the western culture, providing a new spiritual sense in Europe through ancient shamanistic teachings even if religion plays its deep-rooted role in the history of the continent. 

Are you ready to step into the world of shamans? 


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