Should You Quit Your Job and Live Abroad?

Do you seek a change from the norm? Do you want to experience the thrill of the unexpected? Have you been itching for an adventure? Or do you have pictures of some great places you will love to see? Have you been inspired by stories of colleagues and friends who traveled the world, and you want that experience for yourself?

Whatever your reason, be assured of an amazing journey and exhilarating experiences.  Routine life could be very boring and the prospect of living abroad for a few months or years could bring excitement to a mundane lifestyle. A trip fills  your heart with elation, you have an adventure to plan for yourself.

Pre- trip activities

Your new plans become a secret you do not share with anyone, it would seem like an important secret you can not share until all preparations have been completed. Normally, you would feel this way, you are trying to avoid difficult conversations till the last moment. From the moment you make this decision; your life becomes a blend of planning, packing, mental and emotional strengthening, and anticipation.

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Possible job prospects

One scary thing that discourages people from taking this bold step is the decision to quit their jobs. The day you quit your job will be one of the scariest and exciting pre-trip experiences you will have. However, quitting your job should not bother you because your travels may make you realize you do not want to go back to your job.

You will likely discover things about yourself that will give you an inclination of whom you want to be and possibly what you want to do when you return. Although, if you love your job, and you are a committed goal-getter there, your superiors could work something out for you, just have a chat with them.

Also, if you have digital skills, you could decide to freelance till you decide what you want. If you are employable now, you will still be employable on your return.

What to consider

As glamorous as living abroad can be, there are a few challenges that could dampen your travel experience. It is best to be aware and plan for them. This would make your experience more enjoyable.

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First, a trip around the world is expensive, and it will be wise to set some money aside for a few months after your return; so, save extensively. Apply for travel insurance which should include hazards like luggage loss. Get the necessary vaccines for the locations you intend to visit; note the special days of that area, so you can minimize being stranded.

Also, you will feel homesick during your trip and may even miss the mundane activities you didn’t appreciate back home.

Go for it

Go explore, let the world be your lecture hall, the people and experiences you have, become your teachers. Dare yourself to new activities, learn from different cultures, experience a variety of sights and sounds. Develop new mindsets and get to see people differently.

Allow the world to show you its hidden wonders and create thrilling memories that entertain you and your loved ones when you share them.


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