Six of the Most Exclusive Caribbean Islands to Visit in 2022

If you are looking for a romantic vacation such as a honeymoon or planning to enjoy a summer vacation in warm and sunny weather all year round, there is no better tourist destination than the Caribbean islands. The charming nature that ranges from white sand beaches, mountains with dense trees, and dormant volcanoes, is one of the most important common features among the Caribbean islands.

In this article, you will see the most popular islands in the Caribbean, which are often restricted to billionaires, celebrities, and those looking for prestigious isolation and the activities that can be enjoyed.

St. Lucia 

Saint Lucia is one of the most suitable Caribbean islands for those looking for calm, luxury, and wealth. It is an uncrowded island dedicated to the famous and the wealthy. This Caribbean island is characterized by two huge volcanic mountains against the sea. These volcanic peaks are called pitons, and it amazes the onlookers as it magically integrates into the nature and topography of the island. These mountains offer a unique opportunity for climbing lovers.

Six of the Most Exclusive Caribbean Islands to Visit in 2022

There are sulfur mud baths on this island, and it is famous for the healthy hot springs it has. Where sulfur springs are located in Soufriere and the volcanic mountains, apart from the rest of the Caribbean islands, geothermal heat activates on this one, allowing the emergence of mud bubble baths and steam vents. Therefore, visitors enjoy a hot bath with rich minerals, primarily therapeutic.


Anguilla is one of the most attractive Caribbean islands. But for people with the highest incomes globally, such as actors, businessmen, athletes, and the super-rich, because of its abundance of white and golden sandy beaches.

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Six of the Most Exclusive Caribbean Islands to Visit in 2022

One of the most important activities practiced on this island is snorkeling. Because of the crystal clear waters, their clarity, their warmth, and how rich they are with shells, oysters, and coral reefs, snorkeling is the most popular sport on this island.

Some sailing enthusiasts prefer to rent their boats and discover how amazing the island is above the water. Using a traditional Indian sailing boat, you can start enjoying the view of the sunset beyond the sea or discover the small islands scattered around Anguilla, which are characterized by rare species of birds and plant nature. You can also watch fishing boat races, the most famous sport on the island.

South Caicos

South Caicos, these islands are one of the least popular Caribbean. Its visitors were restricted to the elite of Hollywood actors such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, and others.

Six of the Most Exclusive Caribbean Islands to Visit in 2022

This island represents a tropical paradise, with stunning white sandy beaches where festivals and seashells drown the sand. The rock formations on this island and the nature of the stones give the feeling of being in Greece. The islands’ relatively remote location within the West Indies archipelago is ideal for relaxing by boat, enjoying the clear turquoise waters, and watching the sunset or sunrise. The secluded coasts also allow sunbathing and getting a natural tan without being suffocated by the massive crowds of tourists.


Dominica is one of the most diverse Caribbean islands with its natural and ecosystem systems, although it is not very popular compared to other Caribbean islands.

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Six of the Most Exclusive Caribbean Islands to Visit in 2022

One of the essential activities that can be practiced on this island is the exceptional sport of diving. It’s due to the richness of the waters with whales, and marine animals of various kinds, such as octopus, eels, seahorses, trumpet fish, and the unique coral reefs in their shapes and colors. The volcanic origins of the island also allow The opportunity for diving enthusiasts to feel the bubbles. And enjoy the warm water.

Dominica is unique in attracting celebrities who are fond of marine life. Through a boat tour, you will be able to observe whales in their natural environments, where about 20 different species of whales have been observed. False killer whales, short-finned whales, and sperm whales are the most dominant. These tours are accompanied by what is known as hydrogen technology. You may also enjoy watching the friendly dolphins swimming around your boat.


This Caribbean island, a center of excitement and lively activities, enables you to practice horseback riding. The island offers guided tours on horseback and in cool weather. Where you can ride horses and wander around Arikok National Park while listening to information about the island’s history, it is the most authentic activity in Aruba.

Six of the Most Exclusive Caribbean Islands to Visit in 2022

The island of Aruba is characterized by many off-road, which provides for tours in four-wheel-drive vehicles and jeeps that suit the adventurous, where you can drive your car on deserted roads but have a magical view of the rich nature of Aruba. This island may not be frequented by many because of its expensive services. 

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Canouan is one of the most exclusive Caribbean islands that are not very popular with the general tourist but rather reserved for VIPs. Like rulers and presidents, the world’s richest men, and the wealthiest celebrities.

Six of the Most Exclusive Caribbean Islands to Visit in 2022

Since this island is intended for VIPs, most of its activities revolve around luxury yacht tours, fishing, diving equipped with the latest equipment, and kayaking. In addition to the presence of some golf and tennis courts on the island and resorts that provide services of the utmost luxury.


Every Caribbean island has its own beauty and a special thing that separates it from others. While some islands are affordable, others are not. The common aspect of all islands is their charm and glamour.

Some people choose these islands for a memorable and fabulous vacation experience, but there are also those who consider moving to the Caribbean through one of a range of Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programs. The beauty and unique charm of these islands have made them a huge hit among both tourists and those who want to start afresh in a stunning destination with a slower pace of life.


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