Solo Female Travel in Iran: Safety and Tips

Iran has been among the shiniest gems in the Middle East for the past few years. This is despite the country being a misunderstood and unknown travel destination for the longest time that doesn’t attract a lot of travellers. 

With its rich culture, lovely people, and beautiful monuments, many tourists from different parts of the world are starting to see Iran in a new light. 

However, if you are a solo female traveler who wants to visit Iran for the first time, it is only understandable that you have some concerns regarding your safety. 

Here are some important things to know and remember to ensure a safe, smooth, and memorable Iran vacation:

Dress Code for Females 

One of the first and most important things that every woman should know before traveling alone to Iran is none other than the dress code in the country. Wearing a headscarf or hijab is required in public places. However, you don’t have to worry because you can wear it loosely as you like.

Solo Female Travel in Iran: Safety and Tips

You can also experiment with colourful dresses instead of the usual dark or black options. Wear loose clothing that will hide all your curves and cover your backside. 

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Your sleeves must also reach past the elbows. Tight leggings and skinny jeans are also allowed provided that you wear something on top of them that covers the body down to the mid-thighs. 

Makeup is also allowed. You are also not required to wear a chador or the full body-length black fabric that covers a woman’s head. You only need to wear it when visiting shrines and mosques in Iran. 


Traveling by bus around Iran is recommended because these are decent and comfortable. You can enjoy the snacks served on the bus or bring your own. if you prefer a more luxurious option, there are also VIP buses available. 

You can also use the BRT systems or the metro in bigger cities such as Tehran, the capital, to reach your destination. Just remember that the back wagon in city buses is designated for women. As for long-distance buses, women and men who are not related to each other are not allowed to sit together. 

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There are also cabs in the country or you can rent a car and drive it on your own if you have an international driving license.

Solo Female Travel in Iran: Safety and Tips

Hanging Out and Relationships with People

Iranians are known for their hospitality. In fact, they are probably one of the friendliest hosts you will ever meet during your travels. They will always welcome you no matter where you go. Iranian people also appreciate it when solo female traveler visit their country. They will make sure you have fun during your trip and ensure that you will enjoy every moment. 

Some might even invite you to their home for lunch or dinner or even let you stay overnight. Iranians do all of these without asking for anything in return. 

Unexpected Situations

Just like in other countries, it is only inevitable that there will be some places in Iran that will make you feel uncomfortable. Solo female traveler might encounter some creepy men. As such, it is best to stick to crowded places or group up with other fellow travellers you might meet in your accommodation. You can even look for a local friend you can trust. The good news is that you won’t find it hard to make friends in the country. 

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To avoid any problems, avoid staying outside alone at night. Avoid going with a man by yourself to an isolated area and never accept invitations from single men. 

Solo female travel in Iran is not different from other countries. Enjoy the experience while always staying on your toes to ensure your safety at all times!


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