Spain: Top 3 Destinations For Wildlife Tourism

Spain is not only rich in art, history and beautiful landscapes. We at Black Platinum Gold have proposed several times some breathtaking and beautiful structures for our users! Spain is also a country where nature, in certain areas, reigns supreme!
A nature almost primitive and that allows an authentic tourism!
Landscapes very particular and not easy to reach, where you can also meet wild animals.

As you plan your next journey to the Iberian peninsula, the following destinations are sure to deliver some truly spectacular wildlife encounters found nowhere else on earth.

Over the years, tourism in contact with nature has grown a lot: but not only in Africa or in countries that apparently lend themselves more to “wild tourism”.
In Europe, too, there are parks and areas that lend themselves to adventures in direct contact with nature: in Spain, for example, there are several and this is our personal ranking of the 3 places you absolutely must visit!

Spain: Top 3 Destinations For Wildlife Tourism

Somiedo Natural Park

Established back in 1988, this verdant preserve in the heart of the Cantabrian Mountains has been referred to as the “Yellowstone of Spain”—a quality best represented by its high concentration of Iberian brown bears. Though these ursids were once driven to the brink of extinction due to human activity, Somiedo Natural Park is one of the nation’s best spots for seeing these beasts in the flesh.

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Garajonay National Park

Located in the heart of La Gomera, this remote sanctuary is home to a wealth of native species found only in the Canary Islands. For birders in particular, there are two endemic varieties of pigeon to keep watch for, as well as hawks, partridges, and—of course—canaries.

Sierra Nevada National Park

Avid outdoor adventurers take note—Spain’s Sierra Nevada is equipped with over 212,000 acres of mountains up for exploration. Though ski resorts and luxurious lodges abound throughout the park, wildlife enthusiasts can keep their eyes peeled for a massive variety of native Spanish species including golden eagles, Spanish ibexes, and over 100 different varieties of butterfly.


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