Sustainable Luxury: Award-winning Eco Design at Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali

Poised on an elevated plateau that meets with limestone cliffs sweeping down to the ocean, the view from the Alila Villas Uluwatu is simply picture-perfect. Indulge in the enchantment of Bali‘s natural beauty and enjoy pure relaxation in the exquisitely designed Bali luxury villas.

The hallmark of Alila (“Surprise” in Sanskrit), is the combination of innovative design and luxury in unique locations, set apart by an unprecedented level of private space, crafted artisanship, personalised hospitality, and bespoke journeys.

Blending in with the surrounding natural environment, the design of the interiors at Alila Villas Uluwatu is completely integrated with the architecture, seamlessly flowing from inside to outside. This cutting-edge modern project was designed by award-winning Singapore architectural firm WOHA, whose global reputation for innovative design projects in tropical environments has earned numerous accolades, among them the Royal Australian Institute of Architect’s (RAIA) International Award for its House on Rochalie Drive in Singapore, and the Architectural Review MIPIM Future Projects Award for The Met, a high-rise condominium in Bangkok.


Ranging from 300 sqm to 3,000 sqm, the resort’s pool villas are all about generous private space, incredible comfort and views. Gorgeous interiors blend clean lines and contemporary style with accents of Bali. An open-concept design embraces the outdoors while guaranteeing undisturbed privacy. 

ONE-BEDROOM POOL VILLA – These Bali villas with private pool and ocean view cabana are specifically designed to follow an environmentally sustainable framework. The contemporary interiors are enhanced with touches of nature and traditional Balinese accents – reflected in planes of wood, water, stone and rattan. The open-plan design, unique flat lava rock roof and bamboo ceiling allow the gentle sea breeze to circulate throughout all areas of the villa for a relaxing tropical feel.

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TWO-BEDROOM CLIFF EDGE POOL VILLA – Located at the edge of the cliff and combine sustainable design with a new expression of modern sophistication. The villas unfold across different levels to delight you with an ocean view from every room. Relax in the large open-plan living and dining room, and spacious bedrooms with an outdoor deck where you can step from bed into an ocean-facing Jacuzzi. A stylish choice for Bali family villa accommodation, a retreat with friends or a private celebration.

THREE-BEDROOM HILLSIDE POOL VILLA – Located on the hillside, overlooking the ocean along Bali’s southern coast. Environmentally sustainable in design, these stunning villas are an elegant canvas of contemporary style with traditional Balinese accents. The spacious living areas follow an open-plan design, interspersed with relaxation pavilions and pools. Unique flat lava rock roofs and bamboo ceilings allow the gentle sea breeze to circulate freely throughout all rooms. An exceptional choice for luxurious Bali family villa accommodation.

THREE-BEDROOM CLIFF EDGE POOL VILLA – Our spacious Three-bedroom Cliff Edge Pool Villas are perched spectacularly at the cliff edge. The villas feature an open-plan design interspersed with relaxation pavilions and pools, and an elegant blend of contemporary interiors and traditional Balinese accents. The unique flat lava rock roofs and bamboo ceilings – key features of the sustainable design – allow the gentle sea breeze to circulate freely throughout all rooms for an airy, tropical feel. An ideal choice for luxurious Bali family villa accommodation.

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Alila Villas Uluwatu indulges guests in memorable dining and bar experiences. Traditional Indonesian cuisine that celebrates the diverse flavours of the archipelago. Gourmet comfort food made with fresh seasonal and organic ingredients. Inventive multi-sensory cocktails sipped in an iconic setting overhanging the clifftop with stunning sunset views.


Choose from an extensive spa treatment menu that combines both Asian and Western therapy techniques and showcases Spa Alila’s special selection of natural active ingredients which are uniquely designed to regenerate and rejuvenate.


Alila Villas Uluwatu follows a dedicated environmental and social sustainability policy that cultivates eco-friendly concepts through environmentally sustainable design principles. 

  • Water conservation : Installation of the soak away rainwater tanks, recyclable grey water system that directs used water through reverse osmosis tanks to be re-used throughout the property. plants mostly used in the surrounding landscape require minimum irrigation, thus reducing water wastage. 
  • Energy consumption is kept to a minimum : Using recycled materials such as wood from railway sleepers and telephone poles and unique design of each villa with use of the lava rocks roof, bamboo ceiling and windows placement which encourage air-flow and minimize the use of lights and air- conditioning. 
  • Locally sourced all building materials : Local bamboo used for the ceilings, lime stones from the site, which is hand cut for the garden walls. Locally sourced lava rocks used for the roofs of each villa. 
  • Natural environment : Local plants from the Uluwatu Bali savannah ecosystem on the Bukit are raised in a nursery on site to encourage local bird and animal life. 
  • Integrated architectural design : Alila Villas Uluwatu’s landscaping and architectural forms were derived from the local Bali savannah-like environment without intruding on the wild and seasonal surroundings. Using the idea of Bali’s rocky terrace fields and lush gulley, the architects have created architecture of terraced planes, which protect cool gardens. 
  • Sustainability Lab : The centrepiece of our Zero Waste Policy is an on-site laboratory where all waste streams are transformed into higher value products and services through a series of simple yet proven mechanical and biological engineering systems. From producing our own compost to our glass recycling programme and organic garden, this site is built to accommodate our efforts to create a better environment. 


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