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Why Capri Makes You Forget Everything – The Myth of Capri Hospitality

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"Capri is one of the magnetic points of the universe" The myth of Capri hospitality has spread throughout the world thanks to many artists, poets and writers, who were enchanted over the centuries by its timeless beauty. The history of Capri hospitality goes far behind in the past: in the 1st century B. C, Emperor [...]

Capri Tiberio Palace – Glamorous Style in the Heart of Capri, Italy

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Enter our auction and win 2 Nights at Capri Tiberio Palace! View Auction With its glamorous style and retro flourishes, Capri Tiberio Palace is a charming boutique hideaway that perfectly mirrors the colourful essence of Capri, long a favorite of the globetrotting set. Just a few steps [...]

Villa & Palazzo Aminta – Unexpected Belle Époque Mansion on the Lake Maggiore, Italy

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Enter our auction and win 2 nights at Villa & Palazzo Aminta as VIP Guests! View Auction Housed in a Belle Époque mansion from the early 20th century and facing the Borromean Islands, Villa & Palazzo Aminta exudes an air of timeless romance with breathtaking views of Lake Maggiore, often [...]

American tourism in Italy: some numbers

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Italy was the first European country to allow tourism (and all types of non-essential travel) from within Europe to restart from June 3rd. But other visitors, including from the US, are still barred from entering the country for all but the most urgent reasons. No date has yet been confirmed for travel to restart from [...]

Giorgio Armani and Gino Sorbillo Named New Special Ambassadors for Tourism in Italy

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In their new roles, both Special Ambassadors will draw on their status and influence promote the work of the United Nations specialized agency for responsible and sustainable tourism. As leaders in gastronomy and fashion, they represent two of Italy’s biggest economic sectors and two of the industries that contribute to making the country a global [...]

Your Private Tuscany between Luxury & Design: Argentario Golf Resort & Spa

By |2020-07-07T08:00:23+00:00June 15th, 2020|Categories: ACTIVITY, AUCTIONS, DESTINATIONS, EUROPE, ITALY, PROPERTY, RESORT & SPA, SPORT, WELLNESS|Tags: , , , , , |

Enter our auction and win 2 Nights at Argentario Golf Resort & Spa! View Auction The Tuscany Maremma is a wonderland for nature lovers, full of pristine landscapes with abundant local flora and fauna. Located between Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano, just minutes away from [...]

Tourism: Italy reopens borders!

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Great news for all European tourists! However there are fears in Italy that people may be put off visiting, with neighbouring countries keeping restrictions on travel from the country even as they open up to other European nations. A severe nationwide lockdown was imposed in Italy in March as the country emerged as a global [...]

Coronavirus & Solidarity; world famous monuments light up supporting Italy

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Coronavirus and solidarity: world famous monuments light up supporting Italy! Last week Italy reported the international record of new deaths from the new coronavirus despite government efforts to stem the  pandemic's spread. The Mediterranean country's daily death rate is now higher than that officially reported by China at the peak of its outbreak around Wuhan's Hubei province. [...]

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