Tel Aviv: 5 places not to be missed!

Tel Aviv: 5 places not to be missed!

If you are planning a trip to Israel, you will certainly land at Tel Aviv airport. But if you think this city has nothing to offer, you are sadly mistaken! In fact, you will discover a dynamic and avant-garde city, a favourite destination for young artists from all over the world. In this article, we will therefore see what to see and do in Tel Aviv and in how many days. Follow us!

Tel Aviv, Why visit

Tel Aviv is the economic heart of the country, but it is also Israel’s most active and vibrant centre. Located along the Mediterranean coast, it offers a climate that is nothing short of perfect and a vitality that is unique in the entire Middle East. Here you will find long beaches, considered the cleanest in the world in an urban context, and a nightlife of a major metropolis.

Tel Aviv is indeed an ideal place for families, young people, couples, the religious and the LGBT community. But it is also a very important historical city. In fact, it was founded in 1909 on the site where prophecy says Jews exiled from all over the world would find a home.

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Top 5 things to visit in Tel Aviv

  1. Jaffa

The historic centre of Tel Aviv is developed in Jaffa, on a promontory by the sea to the south of the modern city; it is in fact the former commercial port. This beautiful district is made up of winding streets and alleys dotted with mosques, shops, antique dealers, old bookshops, cafés and art galleries. In fact, Jaffa’s historical heritage ranks first among what to see in Tel Aviv, amidst characteristic dome-shaped buildings and medieval-era arches.

  1. Frishman and Gordon Beach

Amongst what to see in Tel Aviv, you certainly can’t miss its beautiful beaches. In fact, the city is bordered by over five kilometres of fine sandy shoreline. Despite the fact that this stretch is surrounded by palaces and large hotels, the sea is considered among the cleanest and clearest in the entire Mediterranean.

The best section is Frishman Beach and Gordon Beach. Like all the beaches in the city centre, they are private and require an entrance fee, but we guarantee that they are well worth it!

  1. Tayelet
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Back in the modern part of town, a stroll along the waterfront is a must. Called Tayelet, it is the city’s most popular spot. It is also the ideal place to admire the beautiful beaches of Frishman and Gordon Beach, play sports and enjoy the sunset that illuminates the ancient city of Jaffa.

The Tayelet is built entirely of wood, so you can relax and enjoy the true essence of Tel Aviv today.

  1. Habima Square

The liveliest square in Tel Aviv is Habima Square. Located between the Neve Tzedek neighbourhood and the Bauhaus Quarter, it is one of its citizens’ favourite meeting points. Indeed, as we have said, Tel Aviv is a vibrant metropolis full of activity, and the city’s most important theatre is located here. In fact, the Habima Theatre hosts major theatrical performances of international standing, while a beautiful flower carpet surrounded by fountains extends across the square.

The other important buildings facing the square are the Charles Bronfman Auditorium and the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion of Contemporary Art.

  1. Shuk HaCarmel
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A short distance from the well-known Aviv Beach is Shuk HaCarmel. This is the city’s most famous market and a stroll through its stalls is definitely an experience not to be missed. Despite being a popular tourist destination today, the market still retains a distinctly authentic atmosphere.

Here you will find everything from spices, to typical and delicious Jewish bread, from clothes to electronics. Similar to the Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem, we recommend a visit during Shabbat.

Tel Aviv: 5 places not to be missed!
Tel Aviv: 5 places not to be missed!

Tel Aviv: 5 places not to be missed!


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