Las Ventanas al Paraíso is known for its outstanding collection of over 150 premium tequilas – one of the largest in Mexico – as well as its trained Tequila Masters, whose grasp of the flavors and nuances of the resort’s extensive tequila collection is unmatched.

After several months of development, Las Ventanas al Paraíso’s Tequila Masters have created an exclusive program that will determine guests’ personal Tequila Sign, or the variety of tequila that fits the guests’ personality, palette and preferences best.

Following a one-on-one blind tasting with one of the resort’s experts, guests will learn if they are “Adventurous,” “Robust,” “Greedy” or “Herbal.” Each of these distinctions corresponds with a selection of tequilas that fit the guests’ flavor preferences and personalities; for example, those who are labeled “Greedy” enjoy sweeter varieties.

Guest can then use his/her Tequila Sign to order special pairings and cocktails at any of the resort’s restaurants.


Come to Cabo expecting to toss your inhibitions to the wind – everyone else does. And speaking of wind, this town took a real hammering from Hurricane Odile in 2014. You wouldn’t know it now though. Where else do clubs round up conga lines so that waiters can pour tequila down dancers’ throats? Those moments of absurdity and abandon notwithstanding, Cabo San Lucas has a curious charm. The beaches are protected by beautiful Land’s End, and the activities are endless: jet-skiing, banana-boating, parasailing, snorkeling, kitesurfing, diving and horseback-riding opportunities can all be found just by walking down to the beach. If you rent a car and get outside the city limits, you’ll be surrounded by majestic cardón cacti, caracara birds and mystical arroyos that will impress you just as much as that crazy club you partied at the night before.

An Outdoor Life

With steaming jungles, smoking, snowcapped volcanoes, cactus-strewn deserts and 10,000km of coast strung with sandy beaches and wildlife-rich lagoons, Mexico is an endless adventure for the senses and a place where life is lived largely in the open air. Take it easy dining alfresco beside a Pacific beach or strolling Guanajuato’s colonial streets. Or get out and hike Oaxaca’s mountain cloud forests or snorkel warm Caribbean reefs.

Los Mexicanos

At the heart of your Mexican experience will be the Mexican people. A super-diverse crew, from Mexico City hipsters to the shy indigenous villagers of Chiapas, they’re renowned for their love of color and frequent fiestas, but they’re also philosophical folk, to whom timetables are less important than simpatía (empathy). You’ll rarely find Mexicans less than courteous. They’re more often positively charming, and know how to please guests. They might despair of ever being well governed, but they’re fiercely proud of Mexico, their one-of-a-kind homeland with all its variety, tight-knit family networks, beautiful-ugly cities, deep-rooted traditions, unique agave-based liquors and sensationally tasty, chili-laden food.

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