Territory, Tradition & Gastronomy at Praia Art Resort: an Authentic Calabrian Experience

Located on the spectacular Ionian coast of Calabria, Praia Art Resort is an unexpected haven. It boasts a privileged position close to the beach, just a few kilometres from the mountains and on the edge of the Marine Reserve of Capo Rizzuto, the largest protected marine area in Italy, a place where nature and history embrace each other.

Discover the authentic Calabria‘s tradition, territory and gastronomy through a range of experiences designed just for you:

  • Romantic Gateway 
Territory, Tradition & Gastronomy at Praia Art Resort: an Authentic Calabrian Experience

If you’re looking for a romantic gateway with the right ambiance to surprise your partner, Praia art Resort is the perfect place. They know how to treat romantic occasions and make them worthwhile. Further, it’s the best place if you’re planning a proposal. With the help of the resort staff, they’ll help you set a mood that will evoke a “Yes I do”. 

  • Cooking Experience 

Want to improve your culinary skills? Well, Praia Art Resort has that to offer. It starts with shopping for ingredients you’ll need for this session. And during shopping, you’ll be accompanied by the chef who will also enlighten you on the local cuisines. Also, you’ll have a moment to explore the architecture and nature in this region. After acquiring all that you need, the cooking lesson will begin. 

  • Explore the Jonic Coast
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To enjoy a complete adventure into this place, don’t forget to explore the Jonic Coast. It’s a chance for a deep insight into the Calabrian Traditions. Through a dining experience courtesy of Chef Nicola Annunziata, you’ll explore delicious local cuisines. 

Territory, Tradition & Gastronomy at Praia Art Resort: an Authentic Calabrian Experience
  • Expedition with the Chef

The best way to connect with the resort and also have a great time is through an expedition with the chef. It’s also an opportunity to contribute to the hotel’s special cuisines by helping the chef discover ancient ingredients. It’s also a chance to blow your mind with unique cuisines with distinct taste and authenticity. 

  • Prepare something Special 

Nothing goes hand in hand like travel and food. And at this resort, you not only have access to world-class dining but also a chance to witness the process. Yes, a 2-hour session in the morning grants you a chance to view the preparation of a 3-course meal. It’s an opportunity to master the skills behind a three-course meal. 

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Even better, you’ll be working with the resort’s top chefs- Nicola Annunziata and the Sous chef. Such an opportunity is available early morning from Monday to Friday. 

  • Boat Adventures and Fitness Activities

You have an opportunity to make beautiful memories through a boat excursion. You’ll be able to venture into the sea and enjoy a moment with nature. For comfort and having a great time, you’ll be boarding a luxury boat. The tour will take you to the marine reserve where you can appreciate what nature has in store. 

Territory, Tradition & Gastronomy at Praia Art Resort: an Authentic Calabrian Experience

To spice up the moment, this package includes fitness activities for fun and energy recovery. They are mind relaxing wellness activities to give you a complete experience of this resort. In the evening, you can complete your excursion with a mind and body relaxing massage. 

Getting Started 

Want to try out a world-class resort experience at Praia art Resort? Reach out today. Whether you’re having a romantic gateway, a weekend with family, or need some alone time, it’s the perfect place.


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