Texas' Hidden Treasures

As the second largest state in the country, it is no longer a surprise that Texas is filled with hidden treasures that are waiting to be discovered and explored. 

Texas serves as the home to many gorgeous towns, historical sites, restaurants, parks, and shops that would probably take your whole life before you can visit them all. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try, though. 

Here are some of Texas’ hidden treasures that are a bit elusive but not completely out of reach:

Blue Lagoon, Huntsville

The ultimate paradise for scuba divers, the Blue Lagoon has exceptionally clear waters fed by the blue spring and lined with soaring pine trees and limestone rocks. It is the perfect place to learn how to dive or experience doing so amidst a tropical setting outside the tropics. Enjoy navigation at night, explore sunken boats, or ride a plane to one of the two limestone quarries in the area. 

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Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo

Texas' Hidden Treasures

It was in 1974 when this unique public art installation was made, featuring ten sets of tail fins covered in graffiti and buried at a similar angle as the Great Pyramid of Egypt in honor of the American Dream. The Cadillacs were also buried and arranged in sequence starting from 1949, the oldest, to 1964, the newest. Visitors are urged to bring spray paint during their visit to tag the vehicles. 

Caverns of Sonora, Sonora

Texas' Hidden Treasures

The globally recognized Caverns of Sonora are among the world’s most stunning show caves. The enormous caverns were carved from limestone millions of years ago, boasting one of the planet’s most extensive collections of formations of calcite crystals. Visitors can also go on a guided tour, camp, hike, pan for gemstones, and even try homemade fudge available in the gift store located on the surrounding property. 

Enchanted Rock, Fredericksburg

Texas' Hidden Treasures

The massive dome Enchanted Rock is a pink granite towering at 425 feet above the ground. However, its true mystic appeal is that when a warm day is followed by a cool night, the rock produces some audible cracking sounds because the rock’s outer surface contracts. 

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While the cause of the noise is known, it probably fueled some of the legends about the rock combined with its glittering appearance on damp nights under the light of the moon. 

Gorman Falls, Bend

Texas' Hidden Treasures

Gorman Falls is a majestic 60-foot waterfall cascading into a grotto covered with ferns that you can reach by hiking in Colorado State Bend Park for 1.5 miles. 

If you like to continue the hike, the park features trails with a total of 32 miles. It is also home to Lake Buchanan with a variety of other exciting activities such as wildlife viewing, birdlife, caving, fishing, and swimming. 

Hueco Tanks State Park, El Paso

Texas' Hidden Treasures

The state park is where you can find the bizarre cluster of rocks that are known as among the United States’ best bouldering areas. People visit to hike, climb, and bask in the amazing views of more than 200 images of masks drawn on the rocks by the Native Americans. They used to go on a trip to the area for the rainwater that accumulated in the rock basins. If rain fell before your visit, you will still see the water pools in the pock-marked rock. 

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Which of Texas’ hidden treasures caught your attention?


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