The 5 most chic restaurants in Paris

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Our ranking of the 5 most chic restaurants in Paris

France and Paris are recognized worldwide for their exceptional gastronomy. In Paris you will find the most chic and renowned restaurants, the best chefs of world renown who will delight your taste buds with grandiose, refined and exquisite menus, true works of art created thanks to their imagination and talent.

The 5 most chic restaurants in Paris (2021)

1 – La Tour d’ArgentThe 5 most chic restaurants in Paris

In the 5th arrondissement, you will find this magnificent and bright restaurant with a chic and wooded air that will offer you a panoramic view of the Seine and Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. One of the oldest restaurants in Europe, its wine cellar houses prestigious wines and some 400,000 bottles, including Bordeaux dating back to 1845. Its chef Philippe Labbé shares his savoir-faire through exquisite and very elaborate menus.

2 – Bel CantoThe 5 most chic restaurants in Paris

In the Neuilly-sur-Seine restaurant, you can watch opera singing performances during your meal to immerse yourself in an original atmosphere. Bel Canto’s cuisine is the work of Eric Léautey, who is inspired by recipes from the French territory and works closely with the chefs of both restaurants. Customers have a unique experience, as if they were on stage with the singers because the latter are dressed as waiters and mingle with the crowd. The velvety pumpkin potimarron, scallop, fried onions, Thai chives, his beautiful French veal chop, morel sauce, poached apple and pear with light citrus and caramel sauce will enchant your meal.

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3 – Le TailleventThe 5 most chic restaurants in Paris

Open only on weekdays, Le Taillevent is a chic and elegant restaurant very close to the Arc de Triomphe. This restaurant also has an impressive wine cellar with many wines that reflect the restaurant’s history. Chef David Bizet, who recently joined the kitchens of Le Taillevent, has redesigned the fixed and a la carte menus. Let’s not forget that the customers are not only French, but also international and that it also inspired the animated film Ratatouille! In addition, you can also order dishes off the menu for the pleasure of the chef and his kitchen who will prepare them for you upon request.

4 – Le Pre CatelanThe 5 most chic restaurants in Paris

Frédéric Anton, one of the figures of French gastronomy, is the chef capable of enhancing your senses and making you melt with pleasure at the first bite of these divine dishes prepared with passion. Thanks to the gastronomy of Lenôtre and his team, you are sure to enjoy an unforgettable meal. In the middle of the Boulogne forest is this place, sheltered from Parisian noise pollution. Its decoration in light tones is reminiscent of the green exterior of the forest. This restaurant is also perfect for business lunches as it is equipped with the latest technology (Wi-Fi, screens, possibility to organize video conferences, etc.).

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5 – Restaurant Le MeuriceThe 5 most chic restaurants in Paris

The technique of detail is clearly mastered and pushed to the maximum by chef Jocelyn Herland and pastry chef Cédric Grolet, under the direction of Alain Ducasse, in the restaurant Le Meurice, with light and refined dishes. You will appreciate the authentic flavor of each dish with singular and sensational products.

Classic and contemporary, this place in the style of the royal apartments of Versailles but with contemporary touches, will sublimate your meals whose quality remains irreproachable. It remains one of the most luxurious places in Paris. The menu will amaze you with its cookpot of morels, lettuce and fresh herbs, as well as its saddle of lamb Lacaune, shellfish, iodized seasoning and as dessert its mango, juniper berries and milk rice.

The 5 most chic restaurants in Paris
The 5 most chic restaurants in Paris
The 5 most chic restaurants in Paris
The 5 most chic restaurants in Paris


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