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French cooking is known and appreciated all over the world, unanimously considered as one of the most refined and elegant.

Traditional French cooking is very varied and differs according to regions. Compared to our habits, French cousins do not eat pasta, preferring a richer gastronomy based on single dishes of meat or fish, as well as the ever-present cheese; Roquefort is surely the most famous cheese and it is used for salads or soufflés, flans, spicy sauces and other interesting and tasty recipes.

Among typical French dishes are also famous bakery products called viennoiseries, such as croissants, the typical croissants made of puff pastry, madeleines, sweets similar to plumcakes, brioches, pain au chocolat, bread stuffed with chocolate drops, or baguettes, the typical salty French bread.

The most popular French appetizers are almost always composed of cooked or raw vegetables, accompanied by sauces of any kind, such as Salsa Aioli or Roquefort sauce. Very used in the traditional cooking of France are soups, such as the famous soupe à l’oignon, onion soup. Other French recipes include sweet or savoury crepes, soufflés, mousses, flans and quiches, savoury pies whose base is made of brisée pastry whereas the stuffing varies according to taste, among which we mention the most famous version, quiche lorraine.

The 5 things to eat absolutely in Paris
The 5 things to eat absolutely in Paris

The 5 Things to Absolutely Eat in Paris

1 – Baguette

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Absolutely unmissable, a real must! Forget about the ones you have eaten so far in Italy or elsewhere: the real French baguette is something superfine. It is not just bread, it is an institution!

Its delicious crust and its soft interior will drive you crazy, especially when freshly baked. It doesn’t matter if it’s stuffed or not, it’s simply a masterpiece! Remember, the real one is made with only 4 ingredients: water, flour, yeast (brewer’s or sourdough) and salt.

2 – Croque-Monsieur and Madame

You’ll find it in cafes and bars with ease. However, don’t be fooled by its simple appearance of a stuffed sandwich because it is a real explosion of goodness. It is not known why it is called “bite sir”, but it consists of a grilled toast with ham and cheese (usually emmental or gruyère). Its more elaborate version also includes béchamel. There is also a “female” variant, the Croque-Madame, with the addition of a fried egg on top.

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3 – If you think of France, you think of Croissants

Think of France, and after the word baguette, you immediately think of croissants. A sweet delight of leavened puff pastry and butter, lots of butter. A joy for the palate that you cannot help but taste and then buy several times a day.

The croissant (literally “growing”) is so called because of its crescent shape, in fact. According to many popular and erroneous tales, this typical French sweet would have this shape thanks to a baker who, while working at night, heard the noise of the Turks who were digging an underground tunnel. As a reward for saving the city he received the exclusive right to make crescent shaped pastries to commemorate the event.

4 – The Crêpes in Paris are fantastic!

A symbol of French cuisine, impossible not to love. You can find them in both sweet and savory versions and they are absolutely delicious. Perhaps not everyone knows that the name derives from the ancient Latin “crispus”, that is “rolled up” precisely because the dough, once filled, must be artfully rolled up on itself. In France it is certainly a traditional dish tourists and Parisians love to eat in specific restaurants: crêperies. It is also possible, however, to taste them thanks to little kiosks present in every corner of the city. There are many varieties of crêpes, but undoubtedly the most famous is the Crêpe Suzette (filled with orange sauce and inflamed with Grand Marnier liqueur).

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5 – You can’t not taste the Parisian chocolate….

Don’t be surprised to find chocolate among these 10 must-haves because in Paris this “banal delight” is something else entirely. Mâitre chocolatiers create true works of art that are also masterpieces of goodness. Passion is not enough: it also takes dedication, preparation and talent. And you’ll find plenty of that in Paris.


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