The 5 things to see in Italy this fall? Here they are!

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The 5 things to see in Italy this fall? Here they are!

Things to do in autumn in Italy: destinations and most original experiences from north to south. Tuscany, Rome and Lake Garda: here are the must-do experiences in Italy this fall!

Autumn travel offers unique experiences and atmospheres. The air is crisp but not too cold, the summer heat is over and there is an explosion of warm and intense colors in nature. In Italy then autumn is a fantastic season with cities and landscapes that are transformed with unique and warm colors!

What to visit in autumn in italy? Here are our top 5 tips!

  • A tour among the castles of Tuscany!

From Lunigiana to Terre di Siena, Tuscany is full of fabulous castles, where you can spend a day in autumn back in time. Our recommendations?
The splendid Malaspina Castle in Fosdinovo, dating back to the fourteenth century, from which you can enjoy a unique view of the Apuan Alps and the sea, the Banfi Castle in Montalcino, a perfect stop for all winelovers, where you can visit the cellars and participate in guided tastings, and finally the imposing Castle of the Counts Guidi in Poppi with its beautiful frescoes by Taddeo Gaddi, a pupil of Giotto, and the 25,000 ancient volumes of the Rilliana Library.

  • Taste the “flavors” of Chianti!
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Autumn offers the best of itself in Chianti: the vineyards are tinged with thousands of colors and in the villages you can taste the new wine. The tour can start from the picturesque village of Montefioralle and then follow the Chiantigiana road – maybe on horseback – up to Greve in Chianti: stop for a visit to the Wine Museum, a tasting at the Verrazzano Castle or a snack of finocchiona, Tuscan ham and pecorino cheese at the Antica Macelleria Falorni.

  • Art and not only: St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome comes back to life in autumn!

For access to St. Peter’s Basilica you must go through a security checkpoint just like at the airport. With a knife, even a small one, you cannot pass here. You may bring umbrellas and liquids with you. If you have booked a tour for the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica, you will go through security checks in the Vatican Museums, thus avoiding the security check at St. Peter’s Basilica. From 7am to 9am the security checks are quick, from then on the queues get longer and longer.

The official tour operator of St. Peter’s Basilica Vox Mundi offers privileged access to the security check for St. Peter’s Basilica. The entrance to St. Peter’s Dome is located above the visitor center on the right side of the Basilica. The visit to the dome costs 10 euros including the use of the elevator. Don’t forget the dress code for St. Peter’s Basilica: clothes must be decent. Clothes must cover the shoulders and must not be low-cut, pants and skirts must cover the knees. Sandals and hats are not allowed.

  • Rome explodes with color, art and life in Autumn! Try it!
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The good news is that fall temperatures in Rome are moderate, neither too hot nor too cold. The bad news is that the weather can be unpredictable, so remember to bring an umbrella and sunglasses on the same day.

There are many things you can do in the fall, and they are much better in this season than in the summer.
Touring the Roman Forum or the Colosseum offers shelter from the sun. There are events that take place in Rome in the fall that don’t happen the rest of the year. In Rome, fall is the time for the Film Festival, the Cinema – Festa Internazionale di Roma, which takes place in November at the Parco della Musica. You can also get tickets to the films and other associated events. If you want to take some rest, you can head to Piazza del Popolo where you will find shelter both physically and mentally away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Lake Garda in autumn becomes magnificent!
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In autumn, the villages around Lake Garda pay homage to the fruits of the earth with a rich calendar of wine and food events. We can remember the Wine Festival, which since 1993 has enlivened the village of Polpenazze, on the Brescia side of the lake, or the Grape and Wine Festival of Bardolino, on the Veronese side, with the lakefront that is tinged with red and the great wines of the area that are showcased.
Then, in November, Riva del Garda hosts “Garda con Gusto – Gourmet Experience”, three days to savor, with tastings and starred show cooking, aperitifs with chefs and food and wine experiences with local products.
In short, an autumn on Lake Garda is waiting for you, beautiful to see, good to drink and great to eat!

The 5 things to see in Italy this fall? Here they are!
The 5 things to see in Italy this fall? Here they are!


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