Top 6 Unmissable African Safari Destinations

In this article, we look at 6 of the most iconic safari destinations. Choose one of these options for your next African adventure and you won’t be disappointed.

# 1 – Best Overall: Across Africa Safari

An adventure-defining opportunity to sample Southern and Central African highlights! In-depth expedition across six African countries that begins from cosmopolitan Cape Town!

Imagine the incredible wildlife documentary from the National Geographic channel coming to life and you as a part of it!

You get to see animals in their natural habitat and witness how they live!

# 2 – Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point from Cape Town 

The ability to explore both culture and wildlife simultaneously makes this a winner!

Many African excursions are long and expensive packages that bring tourists deep into the bush in search of the most beautiful nature on the planet.

Still, a shorter, more relaxed day trip is an excellent addition to any holiday.

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# 3 – Best Botswana: Moremi

A family-friendly trip that will transport you to areas inaccessible by many.

Botswana is often overshadowed by its tourist-heavy neighboring countries, so tourists can visit and head out on a safari without having to worry about all the crowds.

# 4 – Best South Africa: Garden Route

Taking an adrenaline-filled journey along the scenic Garden Route, an outing that treks the South African Coast, beginning in Cape Town and ending in Port Elizabeth, a city known for its beaches and relaxed way of life.

# 5 – Best Tanzania: Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Africa is home to some extreme terrain, but very few places on the continent are more daunting than Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak. Summiting the mountain is a challenge that tests one’s mental and physical strength, and after completion is indisputably rewarding.

# 6 – Best Zimbabwe: Victoria Falls and Chobe Tour 

This five-day excursion to the area surrounding the iconic Victoria Falls – the earth’s largest waterfall and one of the seven wonders of the world – and Chobe National Park will begin with a sunset cruise on the Zambezi, which feeds the waterfall, before embarking on a hike of the falls.

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On the hike, each vantage point provides a different and more superb view of the roaring, tumbling waters.