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If you’ve taken a trip to another city, flown somewhere, had your car in the shop, or just needed a car for a short trip, chances are you’ve rented one. Your choice of rental car company makes a big difference if you have experienced it. This article will explore the best car rental companies across the globe for specific reasons.

The 7 Best Car Rental Companies

Enterprise – Best in Keeping Additional Fees to a Minimum

Enterprise is one of the industry’s most expensive providers, charging an average daily rate of more than $50 (rates may vary according to location). Despite that average rate, this company reduces or eliminates extra fees that most companies rely on as a sneaky additional charge.

Enterprise has almost 6,000 locations across the country, which makes it convenient. You can save a lot more if you rent a car for more than one month from the company if you are moving or living in a mid-term location for work. The company also offers exotic car rentals if you wish to go all out for a special occasion. 

National – Best In Outstanding Customer Service

In addition to Alamo and Enterprise, National Car Rental has been praised for its customer service. Renting a vehicle there is also very convenient. Little compact cars and Chevy cargo vans are available, as well as all kinds of vans. Business travelers benefit from National’s offerings and programs, with businesses renting vehicles through the company’s rental program. With the business rental program, employees of any size company can rent cars at agreed-upon rates, rather than paying an additional fee for rental needs that arise at the last minute during periods of high traffic.

Apart from Delta SkyMiles or American Airlines AAdvantage, travelers can also use points from hotel programs like Hilton Honors and American Airlines AAdvantage, and put their miles toward renting a car. The site provides a relatively standard rate for booking cars easily and quickly.

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Alamo – Best Price for Unlimited Miles & Second Drivers

Millennials favor Alamo because it offers unlimited free mileage. When traveling with a significant other or in a group, the cost of the second driver is less than many of our competitors. Alamo Insider offers customers a guaranteed 5% discount off the retail rate.

Renting from this company for five days or more gets you an extra day for free if you are a member of the National Education Association. 

Renting a car is fun, but returning it is never fun — depending on the rental company, customer service can be a huge issue. Despite this, customers say Alamo excels in this area.

Hertz – Best Airport Locations

The company has over 1,600 locations nationwide but its average daily rate is not the cheapest — it’s $48.50 (each location’s fee may vary). Families can choose from large cars with plenty of room, and those on a budget can choose compact economy cars right at the airport. You can also rent hybrids, “dream cars” that make memorable trips, and a Ford Mustang Hertz special edition. The result of a collaboration with Ford, this car is available for rental at Hertz airport locations across the country.

A great GPS program is offered by the company as well, “NeverLost.”. This device doesn’t just come with a device: You’ll also get access to an online trip planner that you can download to your GPS via a flash drive, a concierge service for planning assistance, and innovative features such as downloadable national park and city guides.

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If you’re determined to get great deals on the most desirable cars, a rental aggregator is a useful tool. Renting a car from is our favorite because their rates are the cheapest around. 

Over 8 million bookings are made annually in over 60,000 locations and 160 countries through the company, which has a vast list of car dealers and rental companies, including Hertz, Alamo, and Avis. The company provides customers with flexible options and features, which include:

  • Seeing hidden costs and fees.
  • Choosing a rental company that suits your needs.
  • The cheapest deals are displayed first.
  • Car seats or other forms of protection can be chosen. 

With, you do not have to worry about paperwork or verification after choosing your car, since all you have to do is turn up to the dealer with your information and payment. You won’t be stuck dealing with the company you’re booking from since the site isn’t just an aggregator; it provides support throughout the whole car-rental process.

Avis – Offers The Best Discounts

Compared to other rental companies, Avis is by far the most expensive, with daily rates averaging around $60 per day (pricing will vary depending on where you are). It is possible, however, to knock down the price via various promo code discounts, rebates, and rebate programs (AARP members are also entitled to special rates on certain products.)

In the Northeast, you won’t have to worry about additional toll charges if you rent a car. All cars have e-Tolls, so you won’t have to pay for tolls. Additionally, it’s suitable for businesses whose employees need a car for a bit – small businesses, in particular, can save up to 30% on rentals. While customers rate the company’s service highly, one thing we love is its dedicated app, which allows you to manage your reservation directly from booking to drop-off. 

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Budget – Best for Upfront Payments

Closing out our list is Budget. Budget is known for having some of the lowest car rental rates, with an average daily rate of $35. Plus an additional 35% discount if you pay at the time of reservation (individual daily rates may vary depending on your location). Additionally, they offer a weekend program offering the third day free. Though it’s limited to intermediate cars (group C) to full-size four-door models (group E), this can still be an attractive option for families going on a weekend getaway.

Rent a hybrid like the Toyota Prius here or a convertible like a Chevy Camaro at Budget if you are looking for something different from your usual rental vehicle. As far as customer satisfaction goes, you may have to pay a bit more elsewhere if you consider customer service a factor that will make or break your experience.


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