The Beauty of Summer Holiday in France – Black Platinum Gold

Summer is the perfect time to chart an exciting adventure. The weather is sublime, the sun is bright, and the water is warm. So, where should you go this summer? Check out the luxurious country of France.

Why France?

France is the perfect summer holiday destination. The country sees over 89 million tourists a year, but summertime is the ideal time to visit. The country offers a diverse landscape that includes bustling metropolises, austere countryside and lovely beaches. The sheer amount of things to do in this country can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there is something for everybody to enjoy, and we have narrowed down some of the best experiences for you. 

Summertime in Paris

Paris is one of the most popular destinations in France. During the summer months, the locals take their summer vacations and leave the city for the southern region or elsewhere. While the locals are away, the streets are less congested, the days are calm, the nights are long, and summer festivals and other events abound.

The Fete de la Musique in June and Bastille Day in July are unique must-see Parisian summer experiences. These festivals are just a taste of summertime things to do in Paris. The nightclubs are in full swing, public parks offer a place to recline through the day, and the plethora of museums and historic landmarks satisfy the itch for any history buffs. 

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Temperatures during this time are typically mild to hot, averaging around 68 degrees F in July. Pack warm weather clothing, but be sure to bring a rain jacket. Storms and showers are not uncommon throughout the summer. 

The French Riviera Dream

French cities are unrivaled for their culture and cuisine. The same is true for the French Riviera, or Côte d’Azur, located on the awe-inspiring Mediterranean Sea. One of the most beautiful locations on the planet, the French Riviera is an unskippable destination during a French summer holiday.

Where to Start?

The Riviera extends along the southern coastline and includes many popular destinations like Nice, Marseille, Cannes and other locations in the Provence region. 

Provence is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The region boasts a wide variety of beautiful landscapes, from mountainous stretches of the French Alps to rolling lush vineyards and sprawling lavender fields to the pristine waters of the coast.  

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Begin your unforgettable tour of Provence in the city of Nice and take part in the annual Jazz Festival or a sailing tour around the alluring bays that surround Nice. Then venture west towards Saint-Tropez, known for its resorts, historic port and unbelievably gorgeous public beaches. 

Start Your Holiday Now

This summer is a perfect time to take a French holiday. Paris is relaxed, the coast is vibrant, and the inland forests and mountainscapes are glorious. Fortunately, packages from luxury travel purveyors like Black Platinum Gold make it straightforward and enjoyable to plan a summer escape. Accommodations fill up fast, especially now that Covid restrictions are relaxing, so be sure to make your arrangements today. 


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