The Best and Most Exclusive Train Trips in Japan

Japan is world-famous for having the fastest bullet trains. But there’s more to it. This region has some of the best and most exclusive train trips thanks to its fleet of luxurious trains. These trains come fitted with top-notch décor and exclusive accessories for extreme comfort. From trimming to detailing, the effort put to design this train is tremendous. 

Some of the trains offer private quarters with spacious living space, bathtubs, and an entertainment area. But the amazement is far from over. The train trips take you through scenic heartland in Japan. Further, every step of the journey is filled with breathtaking views from the snow-capped mountain, to beautiful plain lands.

Without further ado, we’ll look at the best and most exclusive train trips in Japan:

For a taste of royalty throughout your train trip, you should try out the Seven Stars Kyushu. This one-of-a-kind train provides you with a luxurious trip through “The Land of The Rising Sun”. It’s where you can experience all the extravagant you could think of, and it doesn’t get better than this.

Seven Stars Kyushu

The Best and Most Exclusive Train Trips in Japan

A trip on Seven Stars Kyushu spoils you with scenic views of Kyushu, a Southern Island in Japan. A trip to this place comes in two packages. With the first being a short train tour that lasts for days plus a night. This trip will give you a glimpse of northern Kyushu. 

But if you’ve got plenty of time to spare, then consider the long train trip. It will last for four days plus three nights. During this journey, you’ll explore almost the entire Island. Since the trips are not available throughout, it’s best to book them quickly when they’re available.

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The Seven Stars Kyushu is all about the typical royal experience. However, the looks and feel are completely different with Shiki-Shima. Now, this is the best pick for those who want a luxuriously modern feel. 

The Best and Most Exclusive Train Trips in Japan

It’s a typical example of a 5-star hotel on wheels. And one of the major highlights is the observation decks on the first carriage and the last. They allow you to absorb scenic views maximally thanks to the panoramic views. 

In every season, you’ve got a chance to book an exclusive train trip in Japan with Shiki-Shima. They’re extraordinary tours that promise remarkable views around Eastern Journey. And to provide a diverse experience, the trip in each season follows a different route even though it’s around Eastern Japan

To those interested in a thorough experience on this train, there’s a four-day trip that includes three nights. It’s an epic tour that goes to Northern Japan with the main focus on Southern Hokkaido and Tohoku. It’s also popular as the luxurious train in the world, therefore expect to dig deeper to appreciate the premium experience. 

Twilight Express Mizukaze

Still on the luxurious train trips, Twilight Express is another great option set aside exclusively for excursions. It’s the best pick not just for a luxurious experience, but for a wide range of routes to pick from. 

The Best and Most Exclusive Train Trips in Japan

It has five different trips making it one of the top highlights on this train. And whichever trip you decide to pick, they all give you a taste of Sanin and Sanyo, Southern Japan. Further, each trap either starts or ends in Osaka or Kyoto.

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To those who are targeting long trips or excursions, there’s a two-day plus three-night excursion. It’s a circular route that starts from Kyoto and ventures into Southern Honshu. When it comes to the comfort of the train, there’re five-suites you can book for a luxurious trip. 

The Twilight Express has one of the best observation decks with a wider viewing angle. Therefore, none of the scenic landscapes will go unnoticed. The observation decks are two, located at the front and the rear. They’re designed with large and curved windows with an open feel. Therefore, you can appreciate the amazing scenery as if you’re outside. 

Thanks to that, you can enjoy star gazing at night. When it comes to the dining experience, they have one of the best chefs in the country. As such, you can enjoy both local delicacies as well as international cuisines. 

The Royal Express 

Undoubtedly, an exclusive train tip on a luxurious train across Japan is no cheap affair. It requires an extravagant budget to enjoy the entire trip. However, the Royal Express looks out for those with a shallow pocket but wants a luxurious train trip. It covers a short route from Yokohama to Shimoda. But even so, the scenic views along the way are just extraordinary. 

The Best and Most Exclusive Train Trips in Japan

Cutting across the Izu Peninsula, every view is breathtaking. On the downside, it’s a one-way trip but worth it if you consider the experience onboard. Being affordable but one-of-a-kind train excursion, the slots often run out when they’re available. Therefore, you should book earlier to avoid being left out. 

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However, there are other packages on the Royal Express besides the short luxurious experience from Yokohama to Shimoda. There’s a round trip that gives you more viewing options and takes you back to the starting point. It’s a ticket with nigh accommodation and an amazing dining experience. 

Shikoku Tosa Toki no Monogatari

There’s more to Shikoku Tosa Toki no Monogatari than a luxurious excursion. This is an opportunity to undertake a historic trip around Japan. Running on a four-century-old railroad, the trip begins from Kochi Castle.

The Best and Most Exclusive Train Trips in Japan

It runs through mountainous landscapes, forests, and coastline with a beautiful horizon to appreciate. The journey includes interaction with the locals on the way besides being served with local cuisine for a complete cultural experience.


In addition to the luxurious train trips in Japan, there’s also customer service. This country is renowned for providing the best customer service. And in these train trips, they’ve scaled it up even further. Therefore, expect a wow experience from the time you step onto the train to the end of the journey. For, sure, you’ll be getting into “a journey of a lifetime.” 


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