The best destinations for summer 2022!

Summer 2022 will be remembered by all as the summer of the definitive “goodbye” to Covid! A lot of people are already planning to go out and enjoy the warm weather! There are several cities and towns that are not to be missed, but we recommend these!

Auckland, New Zealand

The first city on the list is Auckland, a truly unique city. According to Lonely Planet, its boundaries include 53 volcanoes, more than 50 islands, three wine regions and numerous beaches. The country’s largest city has always been magnificent, but an unforeseen consequence of Covid-19 has been the blossoming of its cultural scene, which has brought local creativity to the fore.

Taipei, Taiwan

This is the city where ancient religious traditions coexist with a progressive LGBT+ culture, where the country’s ancient history blends well with modernity. One of the destinations to explore in order to grasp this peculiarity.

Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg is one of Germany’s greenest cities and will win you over with its cobbled streets and sloping roofs. The city boasts an intelligent public transport system, twice as many bicycles as cars and plenty of urban green spaces. The city is an excellent starting point for exploring the Black Forest.

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Atlanta, United States

In fourth place is Atlanta, described by Lonely Planet as “a thriving, bright cultural jewel in the heart of the US South”. Thanks to its vibrant arts scene and cutting-edge sustainability initiatives, Atlanta is now trendier than ever.

Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is a city not to be underestimated: with champagne beach parties, a celebrated afrobeat music scene and a world-class Fashion Week, the vibrant metropolis on Nigeria’s south-west coast is a riot of creativity.

Nicosia, Cyprus

Nicosoa is divided into two distinct zones, Greek and Turkish, and is separated by a UN-controlled buffer zone. While the borders of each state were closed during the pandemic, cross-community cultural projects were born here. To visit the city is to be immersed in a mix of Greek, Turkish, Muslim and Christian influences.

Dublin, Ireland

In seventh place is Dublin, which retains its famous charm a century after the publication of James Joyce’s Ulysses. The centre of the capital is as compact and easy to get around today as it was a hundred years ago. Ready to enjoy this vibrant city?

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Mérida, Mexico

Lonley Planet recommends Merida as the perfect place to explore the Yucatan Peninsula. The city is also one of Mexico’s best culinary destinations. Don’t miss a visit to the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya, which houses over a thousand beautifully preserved artefacts.

Florence, Italy

Ninth position for Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance that has been able to rethink itself due to the pandemic. As Lonely Planet puts it, “the revival of this incredible popular art heritage is at the heart of new initiatives to decentralise tourism: programmes include walking tours, street art kiosks and secret stargazing spots throughout the city; behind-the-scenes visits to art studios”.

Gyeongju, South Korea

Gyeongju is a veritable open-air museum that is a must-see thanks to the new train connections. It’s less chaotic than other South Korean destinations and well worth the trip to see palaces, ancient tombs of the Silla aristocracy and hundreds of Buddhist relics scattered across national parks, hills and lotus ponds.

The best destinations for summer 2022!
The best destinations for summer 2022!
The best destinations for summer 2022!
The best destinations for summer 2022!

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