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A challenge of reviewing airline lounges is that everyone has different expectations. The bedrooms in some airline lounges resemble hotel rooms. This is useful if you have a long layover, but useless if you have a short layover. However, other lounges offer great food, but if you have a long layover and aren’t hungry, that is of little use. There are other lounges that can save you time going through security and getting to the plane, but it depends on the circumstances.

There is no such thing as a perfect lounge, but depending on your preferences, you can change it around to the best lounge for you. It is not our opinion that everyone’s list should be the same, but we believe most people will at least agree with this overall ranking of the top lounges:

The 7 Best First Class & Business Airline Lounges In The World

#1 – Air France’s First Class Lounge in Paris (CDG)

The first lounge featured on today’s list is Air France’s First Clacc Lounge in Paris. First class on Air France is an experience in and of itself. Air France offers a superior first class experience not only in flight but also on the ground in Paris. The driver will pick you up at the airport and drive you to the first class lounge in Paris. From the first class lounge, you’ll be driven to the connecting flight.

Air France’s first class lounge has a lot to offer, but I think my favorite part is the restaurant, which serves meals from Alain Ducasse. The food at airline lounges around the world is, to my knowledge, the best. I was impressed by the quality of the food, but also by the service and presentation. You can select from a range of spa treatments after your meal, including massages, facials, etc.

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#2 – Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal Frankfurt (FRA)

By offering a first-class terminal rather than just a great lounge, Lufthansa has gone above and beyond. It allows you to drive right up to the First Class Terminal at Frankfurt Airport, and then be driven to your plane when it is time to board.heck-in, security, and immigration, are handled in the lounge.

In addition to the beautiful lounge, DO&CO caters an amazing restaurant, has a cigar bar, nap rooms, and collectible rubber duckies. Your car will only be waiting for you when you arrive at a remote stand after your flight. Otherwise, you’ll have to make your way through the maze that is Frankfurt Airport.

#3 – SWISS First Class Lounge Zurich (ZRH)

A few years ago, SWISS’ first class lounge in Zurich opened, and it is gorgeous, with beautiful design. In addition to the excellent service throughout the lounge, the Swiss lounge also has an excellent restaurant, and it’s probably my favorite restaurant in an airport lounge after the Air France lounge.

There are two other factors that make this lounge stand out. A major advantage for those with prolonged layovers is that there are private bedrooms in the lounge. Not only are the beds as comfortable as those found in top hotels, but the view of the tarmac and runways makes me want to stay up all night.

Additionally, the lounge has a large terrace with a view of the gates. During the summer, guests can enjoy ice cream outside.

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#4 – The Pier- Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge Hong Kong (HKG)

Next we have the Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge – The Pier in Hong Kong. I’ve always found Cathay Pacific’s The Pier First Class Lounge in Hong Kong to be one of my two favorite lounges when it comes to design. Compared to an airport, the lounge has the feel of a really upscale hotel or even your own home. A la carte dining is also available at the Pier’s restaurant.

There are also private rooms in the lounge where you can relax or take a break from watching planes outside. The hotel also offers a complimentary 10-minute foot massage, which is a nice touch.

Unfortunately, this lounge is closed at the moment. The Pier was among many Cathay Pacific lounges that were closed due to reduced demand. Hopefully it will open again soon. But I still thought it deserved to be included on the list.

#5 – Qantas First Lounge Sydney (SYD)

Everything about this lounge is perfect. With lots of natural light and panoramic views, the lounge is physically stunning and spacious.

First class lounge food at Qantas is excellent. The menu at Rockpool Bar & Grill was designed by Neil Perry, and my favorite dish is salt & pepper squid (although there is nothing disappointing on the menu). Passengers can choose between a facial or massage as a complementary spa treatment.

#6 – Singapore Airlines Private Room Singapore (SIN)

Private Rooms are lounges within lounges within lounges. This lounge doesn’t feature amenities such as nap rooms, spa treatments, or escorted access to the gate, but it does have a great restaurant with a la carte dining (including the ability to customize dishes), and an all around very elegant atmosphere with refined service.

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#7 – Oman’s Air First Class Lounge Muscat (MCT)

The final lounge we will explore is the Oman Air First Class Lounge in Muscat. Muscat Airport’s first class lounge was opened by Oman Air a couple of years ago. As there will only be two planes with first class in the future, the lounge’s size is quite impressive.

Aside from the cool design, there is a spa in the business class area, as well as attentive service and a la carte dining.

Bottom Line

Airports are dreaded by most people, though these lounges make passing the time enjoyable. With everything from a massage to being driven to your plane in a luxury car to giving you an hour-long stay in a private room, these lounges have it all.


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