The Best Frequent Flyer Programs To Join In 2022

Frequent flyer programs (FFPs) are utilized by numerous airlines to promote a feeling of faithfulness among travelers, who can earn miles or points that are redeemable for free luxury flights, hotel stays, upgrades, car rentals, or shopping. As a passenger, you can decide to which program you need your points to have credited. 

There are various regular flier programs worldwide, a number that continues to rise ceaselessly. There are additionally heaps of loyalty programs managed by car rental companies, hotel chains, railway companies, or airport authorities. That is the reason a few programs are likewise termed bonus programs, frequent lodge, or frequent traveler programs. 

Everyone ought to partake in these programs as they could save you cash by voyaging (nearly) for free just as offer you numerous divers advantages (joining is free and a cakewalk). 

Picking The Best Frequent Flyer Program: What To Consider

Regardless of whether elite status is the objective or whether you’re just attempting to get a good deal on travel costs, there are some aspects to reflect on before focusing on a frequent flyer program. 

Doing as such will decide how valuable the carrier miles program is for you, and will assist you with improving your luxury travel program overall. Here are a few elements to consider prior to picking the best carrier rewards program:

  • Where do you travel & how regularly? 
  • Despite whether points are gathered dependent on miles voyaged or cash spent 
  • Which partners the program proposes? 
  • What precisely is redeemable? 

Perks Of A Wonderful FFP 

Most importantly, free flights! Numerous explorers are astounded at exactly how rapidly their frequent flyer points tally up to free flights. Notwithstanding whether you just fly a couple of times each year, assuming you’re tactical about picking your flights, it will merit pursuing a minimum of one of these programs. This isn’t in any event, considering every one of the strategies to speed up your points procuring, like loyalty status & credit cards. 

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All FFPs are free and get synchronized to your record with the airline. Therefore, it merits joining in the event that you believe there’s even a possibility you’ll fly with the carrier once more, and you will not have to add anything next time since it will be saved to your profile. 

Contingent upon the carrier, there are 100s to 1000s of destinations accessible for redemption flights. Much of the time flights can be redeemed & earned with partner aircraft extraordinarily extending the scope of destinations. Points can be utilized towards upgrades too, like a boost to first class. 

Besides the free flights and upgrades, the biggest advantage of a magnificent frequent flyer program is the benefits that accompany loyalty status. When you sufficiently fly to meet the limit or sometimes open the correct branded credit card, you can secure a loyalty status that builds the rate you procure points, decreases or waives charges for things such as checked bags, and regularly incorporates free upgrades and lounge access. 

The Best Frequent Flyer Programs To Join In 2022 

SkyMiles (Delta)

Delta SkyMiles is an incredible loyalty program for any individual who flies Delta Air Lines or any of its accomplices. Also, since Delta SkyMiles never cease, the program could even be helpful for folks who hardly fly Delta Air Lines. 

The program is additionally astounding for the incessant work explorer, offering an implausible cluster of elite rewards, comprising Delta Sky Club lounge membership & upgrade certificates as a choice advantage for Platinum and Diamond Medallion memberships. Global upgrade certificates could even be utilized for long-distance international flights with a portion of Delta’s best accomplices. 

Furthermore, this program is equally free, so there are no extra costs needed to be a piece of it.

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Rapid Rewards (Southwest)

The Southwest Rapid Rewards program is a terrific frequent-flyer program for domestic explorers. In case you’re looking for another carrier or fresh co-branded credit card, Southwest’s offerings merit a look. 

When contrasted with different rewards programs, the point worth of Rapid Rewards dominates most. Since the points you procure on the Southwest Priority card are so precious, you get good rewards value from each dollar you spend despite a lower winning rate. 

AAdvantage (American Airlines)

American Airlines AAdvantage is the carrier’s loyalty program, offers abundant chances for redeeming its miles for award flights. Assuming that American flies to your home airport & arrives at the destinations you’d prefer to visit, it’s an amazing carrier to secure miles with. 

As a standard AAdvantage participant, the greatest advantage you’ll get is the capacity to obtain miles on American Airlines tickets, just as cruises, hotel stays, car rentals, and vacation packages. 

Miles&Smiles (Turkish Airlines)

Turkish Airlines has an FFP entitled Miles&Smiles. Not exclusively is its region-based award chart truly outstanding in the Star Alliance, the program is forthright and simple to utilize. The best worth in the Miles&Smiles program is the low redemption rates for North American flights on Star Alliance accomplices. 

You can supply award tickets with your Miles on Turkish Airlines & partner carriers, acquire extra baggage allowance and legroom seats, plus upgrade to Business class. You can likewise shop at Shop&Miles and redeem your Miles on our program accomplices who offer countless products and services. 

Flying Blue (Air France & KLM) 

The Air France KLM FFP is named Flying Blue, and the program can be utilized for SkyTeam redemptions as flights on Delta. Both Air France & KLM fly from various U.S. destinations to Europe, offering you a lot of ways of traveling to Europe. 

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Flying Blue is a remarkable frequent flyer program since it permits you to procure and furthermore spend miles with a ton of partner carriers: XP and award qualifying miles can be secured on all of the 20 aircraft of the SkyTeam Alliance, which all appreciate high-flying notoriety for quality service. 

Free Spirit (Spirit Airlines)

The free frequent flyer program of Spirit Airlines is titled Free Spirit and by joining, you’ll acquire points from flying & redeem for an award flight. After you procure sufficient Soul Airlines points, those points can be utilized to book an award flight inside the U.S., or to Mexico, South America, or the Caribbean. 

Free Spirit member perks are a Dedicated Guest care line, Seat choice at check-in, Pool points with loved ones, No flight redemption charges, and above. 

Bottom Line 

Notwithstanding whether you’re not a last-minute passenger, FFPs are advantageous to the degree that you can get benefits, like better seats, free checked bags, or early boarding, yet loyalty takes on several forms, it’s not just concerning flying a ton and earning status. 

It very well may be utilizing a co-branded airline credit card or anything that proposes luxury air travel incentives that are precious to you is truly what it comes down to. Therefore, you ought to consistently attempt to consume them as you procure them.


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