The Best Luxury Travel Events in 2022

In this quick guide we’ve provided a list of the top luxury travel events to attend in 2022.

It has undoubtedly been a difficult time amidst the pandemic and the ever-evolving circumstances around it. The travel industry has clearly struggled during these pandemic years; however, it is slowly coming back to a ‘new’ normal state. So here we have provided some of the best luxury travel events happening around the world this year.

In February you’ll have the opportunity to attend ‘Emotions’ in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A unique travel event that hosts potential buyers and presents them with the most innovative travel suppliers in the region. Emotions carefully curates and selects who is present at their event, ensuring that they have the best possible offers for all its attendees. Known as “The Happiest Event in the Travel Industry” they create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, making it the best setting for business.

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There is also an Emotions being hosted in Sevilla, Spain, taking place in May.

Next on our list for the month of March is DUCO, hosted in Florence, Italy. Held once a year, this event promotes the preeminence of the Italian travel industry by hosting major buyers. Although this is an invite-only event it is acclaimed to be one of the best events of the year, in a stunning location.

There is also an edition being hosted in Paris in the month of October.

Then there is Qatar Business and Luxury Travel Congress, an amazing opportunity hosted in Qatar. Where you will have the opportunity to network and listen to 20 + regional speakers, experts in the field.

Private Luxury Forum is an event hosted in the Bahamas with a Europe edition hosted in Turkey as well. It connects the best leaders in this industry offering a luxurious experience in the gorgeous resort around the world, where you’ll be able to delve into amazing conversations and profitable partnerships.

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Last on our list is ILTM hosted in Cannes, France. Potential date is set for December but is yet to be confirmed. This event is where the leaders of the industry are hoping to be at. From the best travel brands to the most prominent travel advisors, they all gather here in Cannes. Hosted in a beautiful venue this event is the hub for those in the travel industry.

So, take a look at the best luxury travel events listed here from all over the globe and start making your plans for this 2022!


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