The Best of The American West: Luxury Experiences & Resorts | Black Platinum Gold

Western United States is the country’s largest region, covering nearly half of its land area. Moreover, it contains the most geographical diversity, encompassing temperate rainforests in the Northwest, the mountain ranges of the highest elevations (such as the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada, and Cascade Range), the western portions of the Great Plains, and numerous glaciers. Approximately half of the United States’ desert areas are located in this region. 

States on the West Coast of the United States are defined differently by different people. But the large majority refer to them as the American West. As part of that definition, the states included West Coast always include Wyoming, Washington, Utah, Oregon, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Hawaii, California, Arizona, Alaska.

If you are searching for the ultimate luxury experiences in the American West, here are the things you need to try! 

The Best Luxury Resorts of The American West

Amangiri – Lake Powell, Utah

Setting: Lakeside, Desert, Wilderness, and Remote

Trip Type: Business Meeting, Romantic Getaway, Family Vacation, Spa & Wellness, Wedding, and Eco/Adventure/Nature

The Best of The American West: Luxury Experiences & Resorts | Black Platinum Gold

The area known as the Four Corners, where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona come together, is home to the peaceful mountain of Amangrii, also known as the ‘peaceful mountain’.

In the original Wild West, the mountains and red-rock landscape of Mangiri blend seamlessly with the Colorado Plateau. There are several tented pavilions at Camp Sarika that offer one of the most dramatic settings on earth. The Amangiri modernist Suites are located amidst canyons, mesas, ridges and gorges. 

Dunton Hot Springs – Dolores, Colorado

Setting: Remote, Mountains, Wilderness

Trip Type: Business Meeting, Adventure/Eco/Nature, Romantic Getaway, Wedding, Spa & Wellness, Pet Friendly

The Best of The American West: Luxury Experiences & Resorts | Black Platinum Gold

The romantic 1800’s ghost town of Dunton Hot Springs makes up part of the enchanting alpine valley across the mountain from Telluride. The Dunton resort offers day trips and overnight stays, and we can rent out the entire town for weddings, family reunions, and corporate retreats.

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Dunton Hot Springs is believed to have been a summer hunting ground for the Ute Indians long before miners first dipped their weary bones into the water. At the highest point in town, you can still see the original spring. The miners dynamited the springs and directed their flow toward the bathhouse in order to make more use of the water. The large outdoor pool was adored as evidenced by a large number of old photos.

There are tectonic forces controlling Dunton’s hot springs due to its Triassic Dolores Formation. A fault trace runs along the western edge of the springs, and they cover an area of approximately 0.3 square miles. Many springs and seeps are located nearby. Geysers (tepid sulfuric springs) bubble up every 45 minutes or so in Colorado. In addition to their neighbor’s fantastic lithium-rich Paradise Hot Spring, there is a soda spring that has also been documented.

The Keyah Grande Estate – Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Trip Type: Romantic Getaway, Corporate Events, Weddings, Vow Renewal, Spa Getaways, Outdoor Activities, Bachelor Parties, Guest House Rental, Western Experience, Girlfriend Getaways, Family Reunions

The Best of The American West: Luxury Experiences & Resorts | Black Platinum Gold

You can sense that something remarkable is about to take place as soon as one enters the Lodge at Keyah Grande’s private sanctuary on 4,000 acres. In complete harmony with the setting on the ridge top of the San Juan Mountains, you are drawn to the grandeur of the Lodge.

Luxury is the hallmark of Keyah Grande. Located in the heart of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, this private estate encompasses 4,000 acres of natural beauty and breathtaking views. The Keyah Grande resorts offer a combination of refined elegance and rustic, natural elements that is fit for any occasion!

The Best Luxury Experiences of The American West

Tour The Enchanting Canyonlands

Mother Nature’s most majestic performance can be seen in the American Southwest. Experience America’s West in total style with a trip through Monument Valley and Las Vegas. The journey on most of these tours begins in Phoenix and ends in Las Vegas!

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The Best of The American West: Luxury Experiences & Resorts | Black Platinum Gold

You can take a 7-day tour package and visit Phoenix, and 9 other western cities in USA with the In-depth Cultural tour Enchanting Canyonlands. A Canyonlands Tour includes accommodations in a hotel, a guide, meals, transportation, and more.

Discover Spectacular Alaska

All things are bigger in Alaska, including the mountains and mammals. Even the produce grows to fair-winning proportions in the sun’s 20+ hours a day. This sun-soaked tour of Alaska has plenty of other sights to offer, in addition to the 70-pound Matanuska Valley cabbage. 

The Best of The American West: Luxury Experiences & Resorts | Black Platinum Gold

Experience three-mile-long Columbia Glacier, calving tidewater glaciers at Kenai Fjords National Park, and climbing by way of north America’s highest peak – Denali National Park – with the world-famous Alaskan Railroad. 

Panning for gold at the Gold Dredge #8 in Fairbanks, seeing an Iditarod champion mushing at the home of his sponsor, and viewing Alaska’s majestic coastlines and monumental peaks are other captivating experiences you will enjoy while in Alaska. It might seem like no big deal to locals to spot a giant whale, grizzly, moose, or caribou. These Alaska vacation tours are nothing short of incredible.

The Best Luxury Parks in The American West

Lounge In Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone, which covers one-third of Wyoming and a small portion of Idaho and Montana, is a special place in so many ways. Being the nation’s first and largest national park, it can at times feel overwhelming. It’s best to explore specific parts of this immense realm over the course of one or two days to make this behemoth more manageable. 

The Best of The American West: Luxury Experiences & Resorts | Black Platinum Gold

The best way to get there is from the south – either by connecting through Jackson, Salt Lake City, or Wyoming (the last option is about four hours away) – then drive north; however, each entry point offers a different perspective. We like to visit this park during the spring because the elk and bison are having calves. 

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The most common way to get around is to drive, and most amenities are pretty accessible from major roads, but getting out for a hike or a walk is so rewarding. Alternatively, if you want to experience the park in absolute luxury, Scott Dunn safaris will whisk you away on safaris to where most people won’t go. You can rely on them for everything, from hotel reservations to tours to meals, for people of all ages.

Explore Grand Teton Park

The final spot we deem as a must see while enjoying a luxury experience in the American West is Grand Teton Park. Its close proximity (a quick 30-minute drive) to Grand Teton National Park makes Jackson Hole, Wyoming busier during the summer months, even though it has one of the country’s best ski resorts. The Grand Teton offers epic views of its unique, craggy peaks as well as historical relics, including preserved homesteads from the 1800s, and boasts a variety of wildlife (bear, elk, bald eagles). 

Grand Teton Park

Organizers and outfitters are available to guide and facilitate a wide array of activities in the area. The Snake River can be explored by rafting with Sands Whitewater or fly fishing with WorldCast Anglers. It’s also possible to visit both major parks during a single trip, since Grand Teton is relatively close to Yellowstone’s south entrance.


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