The Best Sailing Destinations in the Mediterranean

Looking for the perfect vacation spot that offers the best sailing experiences? Then, the Mediterranean is the best place to be! 

The Mediterranean offers endless opportunities that cater to the demands and needs of every sailor out there. Its calm and relaxing atmosphere provides a welcome escape from city life and all its hustle and bustle. 

The following are some of the best sailing destinations in the Mediterranean that you might want to check out:


Croatia is one of the Mediterranean’s top sailing destinations for many good reasons. It has calm and clear waters and the winds are often calmer compared to other sailing spots. It also serves as the home to thousands of islands waiting for you to explore. And most importantly, everything is affordable here!

The Best Sailing Destinations in the Mediterranean

With all of Croatia’s amazing spots, you wouldn’t be hard-pressed to find a private area where you can drop anchor even if you are visiting amid the busiest tourist season.

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Visiting Croatia is also easy. The town of Kaštela located right in the heart of the region houses an international airport that offers flights from and to all major cities of Europe. 

If you have plans to charter a yacht in the area during the peak summer season, which runs from June to August, make sure that your charter, your hotel reservations, and other needs are booked several months ahead of time. 


Greece is one of the places in the Mediterranean that is best seen and explored by sailing. It is all thanks to the beaches and secret coves that are only accessible by boat. 

The region is considered suitable for every sailor regardless of skill level, from the most seasoned ones to complete beginners. If you are a less experienced sailor, the top spots you might want to explore include Halkidiki, Sporades, Ionian Islands, and the Saronic Gulf.

The Best Sailing Destinations in the Mediterranean

For veterans, the Southern Aegean Sea and the Cyclades are the top choices for testing your skills because the wind speeds here are stronger compared to the northern destinations. 

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If you prefer avoiding long voyages on the sea during your Greece trip, you can consider chartering a boat in the place where you want to sail instead of sailing to the spot from somewhere else such as Athens. 


With a coastline that runs for 8,333 kilometres, Turkey got so many spots waiting to be discovered and explored. Of course, the best way of exploring this stunning coastline is none other than sailing!

The Best Sailing Destinations in the Mediterranean

Turkish coastline is dotted with loads of gulfs and coves so you can expect lots of natural sightseeing you can enjoy as you explore the beautiful beaches and amazing ancient archaeological sites and fill your tummy with the local cuisine from the delectable restaurants in the country. 

The generally steady and gentle winds of Turkey also mean that sailors of all skill levels will surely cope well to offer a great experience. Every time you need a break, you can also easily drop anchor in any of the endless numbers of small coves adorning the shoreline. 

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Sail the Mediterranean today by choosing any of these destinations!


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