The Best Shopping in Brussels

The shopping streets and arcades of Brussels are charming all year round, offering a selection of fanciful gifts, top designer boutiques, and perfect vintage treasures. 

While diamonds are the real favorite in Brussels, you can also find everything and anything here, from trendy vintage clothes, designer fashions, gourmet gifts, housewares, furniture, art, and more. 

The Best Shopping in Brussels

The following have some of the amazing experiences for the best shopping in Brussels to help you indulge in a fulfilling retail therapy:

1. Avenue Louise 

Avenue Louise can easily satisfy your luxury shopping needs without the need to go somewhere else. The 3-km stretch of road is filled with luxury retail shops, bespoke fashion outlets, and boutiques. Luxury fashion apparel, sunglasses, and watches are the best buys here.  

2. Brussels Vintage Market

For a unique Sunday shopping, Brussels Vintage Market is the best place to be. The vintage trend is a hot topic in Brussels through the years and Belgians have almost turned it into a lifestyle. Aside from clothes, you can also find accessories, home décor, and custom furniture at the quaint shops in the market.

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The Best Shopping in Brussels

3. City 2 

City 2 is the best go-to spot for shopping right in the city center that offers all kinds of shops. Due to the limited time for shopping during a vacation, City 2 is the perfect pit stop where you can buy everything, from souvenirs to women’s clothing, Lindt chocolates, and local art. 

4. Docks Bruxsel 

Docks Bruxsel is among the newest shopping additions in Brussels. This new shopping center houses over 110 stores and eight cinema screens, making it a great destination where you can spend time with the whole family. You can buy fast fashion, beauty products, and accessories here, as well as various chocolate brands you can bring back home.  

5. Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert 

 All shopping guides in Brussels always mention the historic Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert for a reason. It is an iconic business arcade inaugurated in 1847, with the covered building intended to house a theatre and shops.

The Best Shopping in Brussels

Today, it holds some of Belgium’s best stores where shoppers can have an exclusive experience that takes them down memory lane. It is a favorite place to shop for antiques, leather goods, and of course, the beloved Belgian chocolates!

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6. Grote Market 

Speaking of chocolates, your Brussels trip will be incomplete if you don’t shop for the best chocolates. Belgian chocolate is known far and wide for its delicious and high-quality taste and is also among the best souvenirs to take back home. Among the best stores to buy from include Atomium Shop, The Brussels Corner, and Maison de Souvenir.

The Best Shopping in Brussels

7. Marche du Midi 

If you are willing to wake up early on a Sunday morning, the Marche du Midi offers everything a shopaholic can ever ask for. Locals flock to the market for their Sunday shopping, and also offers travellers a great chance to experience the local cuisine and culture. Women’s clothing, Lindt chocolates, and local art are the favorite items here. 

Here are other spots for the best shopping in Brussels:

  • Marolles Flea Market for jewellery, knick-knacks, antiques, and art pieces
  • Melting Pot Kilo for woolen wear, graphic T-shirts, and plaid shirts
  • Rue du Bailli for food and women’s clothing
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