The Best Solo Holidays in the US

There is something unique about the United States. It is a varied and huge country that serves as the home to all sorts of sights, cultures, and landscapes. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that you could spend your entire life and still not be able to explore the entire United States.

With its tropical beaches, towering mountains, rocky deserts, and icy glaciers, the US always has something in store for travelers of all kinds.

Whether you have always been a lone traveler or this is your first time to try embarking on an adventure on your own, here are some of the best solo holidays in the US that you shouldn’t miss out on!

Austin, Texas

The Best Solo Holidays in the US

Solo travelers must head over to Austin, Texas, with its vibrant nightlife scene and buzzing live music. If you want a fun-filled trip where you can meet new people, the city of Austin deserves a place on your list. Accommodations never run short in Austin, ranging from hostels to more luxurious getaways.

Boston, Massachusetts

Lone wanderlusters are often caught by surprise when they arrive in Boston. Because it is a large city, you will feel as if you have arrived in your favorite small town or college. No one can resist falling in love with Boston with its numerous options for public transportation, walking tours, and historical sites.

The Best Solo Holidays in the US

The city is also a perfectly safe destination for solo travelers thanks to its low crime rate. Learn more about American history and the popular ride of Paul Revere. Stroll along the Freedom Trail, relax in historic bed and breakfasts, and grab a hearty meal in the financial district.

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You can also head over to Fenway Park to catch a game or drop by the harbor and marvel at the gorgeous sailboats. Being in Boston also gives you easy access to most major cities on the east coast, such as New York and Washington, DC.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is yet another fantastic solo adventure destination. You can spend your days basking in the panoramic scenery, getting closer to nature, and experiencing mountain life at its best.

The Best Solo Holidays in the US

One of the simplest ways to do all of these is to head over to any of the gorgeous state parks that are only a few minutes away from downtown Boulder. Explore Rocky Mountain National Park first to kick off your wilderness retreat. From there, you can head over to the Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Brainard Lake Recreation Area, and Eldorado Canyon State Park.

The downtown scene of Boulder is also bustling with life, as it brims with restaurants, bars, and shops that are a great stopover once you get your fill of the wilderness.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is another ideal solo travel destination in the Pacific Northwest. The artsy and quirky atmosphere of the city means you will never run out of things to do, even if you are traveling on your own.

The Best Solo Holidays in the US

The nightlife scene of Portland includes live music, open mic nights, and bars, giving you the perfect opportunity to meet and mingle with new people.

San Diego, California

If you want your solo trip to focus more on outdoor recreation, make sure you check out San Diego, California. This southern Californian city offers its visitors all sorts of outdoor fun, from hiking to surfing, snorkeling, and hang-gliding.

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The Best Solo Holidays in the US

Nature even weaves itself into some parts of the city, which means you don’t need to go far just to satisfy your cravings for a good hike. This is also good news for solo travelers, especially if it is your first time doing so or you haven’t traveled solo that much in the past.

Mobile reception is available, and you can stay as close to civilization as you like, both of which are great news if something goes wrong, which hopefully won’t happen.

Solo travelers can also look forward to a lot of excitement in the city itself, whether you love to browse outdoor malls or just relax on the beaches.

Santa Clarita, California

The small city of Santa Clarita is perched just north of Los Angeles. The place is a great option for travelers who want to enjoy a more laid-back getaway in the Caribbean and those who want to try solo travel.

The Best Solo Holidays in the US

Santa Clarita also offers lots of fun things to do even if you are on your own, such as day spas and nature trails. Safety is also not an issue because Santa Clarita has always been ranked as one of the country’s safest cities.

Seattle, Washington

The beautiful city of Seattle in the Pacific Northwest is dubbed the Space Needle. With all the exciting activities that await you here, Seattle is a great place to visit for all solo travelers. If you are a fan of the outdoors, you won’t be too far from the different hiking areas such as Discovery Park and the Snoqualmie Pass region.

The Best Solo Holidays in the US

Famous attractions like Pike Place Market are worth exploring by yourself, as you can take your sweet time browsing all the different shops. There are also some smaller communities right outside Seattle if you prefer a more laid-back setting. Orcas Island and Sammamish, with Lake Sammamish State Park, are perfect examples of these communities.

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Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is one of the best destinations for solo travelers who want to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. The town has long been famous as a spa destination, which makes it an excellent option for a serene and peaceful weekend getaway.

The Best Solo Holidays in the US

The smaller size of the area also makes it less intimidating for solo travelers. Aside from spending your time at any of the spas in the city, you can also visit other nearby areas, like Slide Rock State Park.

The Florida Keys

The Best Solo Holidays in the US

Rounding up the list of the best solo holidays in the US is none other than the Florida Keys, perfect for laidback and luxurious relaxation under the sun. Lots of things are waiting for solo travelers here, from meeting new people to checking out Key West’s nightlife scene to spending the day by the beach.

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