The most amazing luxury vacation In space!(1)

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For example, do you know that in 2027 you will be able to upgrade in space on a super luxury vacation! The top? Booking a room in the first orbiting hotel. But there are also many exclusive offers from the best hotels on the ground: from a five-star welcome for your animal friends to a personalized cooking course and a swimming pool in your suite. For an unforgettable and well-deserved vacation.

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It will be in orbit by 2027 the first space hotel: Voyager Station. An ambitious project of the American startup Orbital Assembly Corporation, a construction and technology company run by former pilot John Blincow, which has spread on the network renderings of the futuristic structure. Equipped with artificial gravity, it will be able to accommodate up to 400 guests including tourists, scientists and astronauts, and will not lack luxury services such as themed restaurants, fitness area and movie theaters. Tim Alatorre, one of the architects, said the hotel was inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey. Operational in just five years, it is already the most popular wannabe destination of the millennium. For a truly spatial panorama, there will be rooms from which to see the lights of the Earth, imposing elevators connecting the modules, shuttles “parked” between the transport units. And even a basketball court on which to play zero gravity.

The most amazing luxury vacation In space!(1)
The most amazing luxury vacation In space!(1)


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