The Most Beautiful Starbucks Locations in the World

Coffee chains are meant to be convenient. It means that a coffee chain must offer more than just good coffee; it must also offer quick service in a prime location.

However, the secret to the global popularity of Seattle-based coffee chain powerhouse Starbucks is the fact that it deviated from this norm. While you can find Starbucks in the most ordinary spots, some have gone above and beyond the standard.

Here are some of the most beautiful Starbucks locations in the world that never fail to leave coffee fans and non-coffee fans alike in pure awe!

Milan, Italy

As the coffee capital of the world and the country that became an inspiration for the franchise, it is quite surprising that it took almost five decades before Starbucks launched its first-ever outlet in Milan, Italy, in 2018.

But the long wait was more than worth it. The Milano Roastery Reserve features exceptional and unrivaled majestic architecture and is located just a short distance from the iconic cathedral, Duomo di Milano.

The Most Beautiful Starbucks Locations in the World

Originally a historic post office, the store now stands magnificently with heated marble countertops and hand-laid flooring in a traditional Palladiana flooring pattern. The exquisite marble is also complemented with bronze accents, fluted bars, and pink-hued stones of Corinthian influence.

However, what sets apart this Starbucks location is its special offerings. Unlike traditional outlets, the store in Milan doesn’t serve the usual Frappuccinos and ice-blended drinks. With respect to the robust coffee culture of Italy, the branch allows customers to order their coffee from the bronze custom-made roaster located in the middle of the café.

At night, the Starbucks in Milan honors Italy’s aperitivo tradition by serving cocktails alongside artisan pizzas and pastries.

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Paris, France

The Starbucks location in Paris, France, right at the cusp of Boulevard des Capucines, offers patrons an opportunity to feast their eyes on ornate décor and exquisite architecture.

The branch looks like it came straight out of a film location, with palatial décor paying homage to the familiar Haussmannian style of the country. The very building itself was built in the 17th century, decked out with gorgeous motifs from the 19th century.

A promising imitation of most rooms in the Palace de Versailles, it is not every day that you will encounter the unique combination of gold-tinged panels and dimly lit chandeliers that all exude an elegance unique to France.

The Most Beautiful Starbucks Locations in the World

The Royal Caribbean Fleet

After conquering numerous continents to leave a significant mark on the map, Starbucks is now eyeing being in control of the seas as well. It was in 2010 when the Royal Caribbean announced the opening of the first-ever Starbucks location on the sea, right inside the Allure of the Seas, that offers a fresh selection of coffee, baked goods, and teas.

Since then, the partnership has grown to include an onboard Starbucks café on at least four more Oasis-class ships, which include the gorgeous Symphony of the Seas and the ever-luxurious Wonder of the Seas.

Nothing can surely beat the experience of sipping your favorite Frappuccino or hot chai latte while floating and taking in the beauty of the Caribbean waters. 

Villa Casablanca, Morocco

The Starbucks location in Villa Casablanca, Morocco, is often described as dreamy and resembles a spa more than a coffee shop because of its relaxing ambiance. French and local aesthetics influenced its modern design, which never fails to be appealing to the eyes of soloists, families, and groups of friends.

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The al fresco setup is a perfect match to the cascading fountains of the store. There is always a sense of comfort in knowing that there is a Starbucks that can be a quick escape amid the bustling Moroccan city.

Seoul, South Korea

The Starbucks Family Park in Seoul, South Korea, is dubbed the most attractive Starbucks location in the country. A glass dome exterior welcomes patrons, and once you step inside, you can take in the beauty of the wooden-paneled interior. But the main feature of the area is the installation of metal birds that hang from the glass ceiling panels.

The Most Beautiful Starbucks Locations in the World

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo’s Starbucks Reserve Roastery fits seamlessly into the location with its terraced floors and glass windows. It is also strategically located in a way that allows visitors to easily enjoy the scenic view of the nearby cherry trees.

Exceptional Japanese touches are found inside, such as the origami ceiling. To make things even more exciting, Starbucks Japan also sells special merchandise items for the cherry blossom season.

Prague Castle, Czech Republic

The Starbucks location in Prague Castle in the Czech Republic guarantees patrons the best views of the entire city. Located in one of the world’s biggest ancient castles, the Starbucks branch boasts cozy interiors where you can get a full view of the most spectacular sights you can ever find on the entire European continent.

Seattle, Washington

Located right in the very city where the coffee giant all started, Starbucks made sure to incorporate some of its finer elements in its Seattle branch. As the United States’ third biggest store, it is also the pioneering Reserve Roastery of the branch, with exceptional services.

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Customers are given free tours of the bean roasting process at the chain before they are shipped to various locations across America. There is also a tasting room where the coffee brewing process at Starbucks is given the perfect spot to shine, complete with baristas giving you a walkthrough of the brewing methods like clover and siphon brewing. This is a one-of-a-kind coffee immersion experience that no enthusiast can ever resist.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to splendor. The biggest themed mall in the world, Ibn Battuta Mall, is a suitable location for Starbucks’ grandest location of them all.

Its dome ceiling is adorned with yellow and blue Persian mosaic tiles. The spotlights that reflect off the traditional dome create a hypnotic effect that transcends to different parts of the room, producing a stunning view.

These are just some of the most beautiful Starbucks locations in the world that you might want to visit, whether you are a coffee lover or not. Other runner-ups worthy of mention include branches in The Bank in Amsterdam, Squaw Valley in California, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Capitol Hill in Washington DC, Hualien Bay Mall in Taiwan, and Prado Norte Starbucks in Mexico City.


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