The Most Exclusive Private Members' Clubs in London

London’s private members clubs are second to none. These clubs are renowned all over the world for their sheer number and their undeniable exclusivity. These bastions of elitism never fail to amaze ordinary folks, with most of them dreaming of being members of one of these clubs.

Here are some of the most exclusive private members’ clubs in London that might ignite your desire to be a part of them:

5 Hertford Street

5 Hertford Street would probably have the most striking in the world if roller decks were still trendy. Popularly established as a big rebuke in the ongoing feud between Robin Birley, its founder, and Richard Caring, Annabel’s owner, the club is a striking labyrinthine spread of extravagance.

Number five gives off an authentic lived-in vibe with its scattering of deep, plush carpets and armchairs. This Mayfair town club is also tardis-like, with a cinema, cigar room, multiple bars and restaurants, and nightclub Loulou’s, the sparkling gem in its crown.

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Ever since its doors opened in 2012, the club has snagged legendary status and is a top favorite among A-listers and blue-bloods alike. But despite its air of exclusivity, 5 Hertford Street continues to be a club where everyone of all ages can feel comfortable and welcomed.

The armchairs made to sink, soft lighting, and open fires make it a favorite spot to treat a date, impress your parents, or just laze off your hangover.

The Most Exclusive Private Members' Clubs in London


Annabel’s is one of the most legendary names in the world of exclusive clubs in London. Despite not being the grandest, oldest, or even most exclusive club, it is undoubtedly one of London’s most popular clubs.

Annabel’s is truly on top of the game because a spending spree worth a whopping £65 million allowed them to say goodbye to their traditional home in the basement and occupy an entire townhouse in Berkeley Square.

The results of the move are quite remarkable. The famous interior designer Martin Brudnizki crafted the perfect playground for the famous and the affluent. With multiple bars, restaurants, and the notorious clubhouse, Annabel’s managed to enter the busy market of members’ clubs once again, this time with a more impressive offering.

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The Most Exclusive Private Members' Clubs in London

Shoreditch House

A decade after its launch as the edgiest new club in London, Shoreditch House has maintained its cool credential while gaining a lot of members and some maturity at the same time.

Housed in a converted warehouse in East London, Shoreditch House allows its members to use an impressive gym, a bowling alley, and Cowshed Spa.

However, Shoreditch House climbs even greater heights with its restaurant on the top floor and the gorgeous rooftop pool that gives you iconic views of London.

Shoreditch Rooms give you a chance to live among the hipsters with an overnight stay at any of the sister clubs. The members get the chance to enjoy the facilities and amenities of Soho Houses in Barcelona, Berlin, Istanbul, New York, and Toronto.

These are just some of London’s members clubs known for their exclusivity and elitism. You too can be a part of one and enjoy all their special perks.


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