The Ten Finest Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Italy

Italy is a country where food is deeply ingrained in its culture and tradition. In fact, no visit to Italy will ever be complete without tasting its delectable food selections.

Whether you are a foodie by heart or you just want to experience the best, here are the ten finest Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy waiting to satisfy your taste buds:

1. Borgo San Jacopo

Borgo San Jacopo is perched on the fringe of River Arno with Ponte Vecchio’s magical views. It is known for its dishes reflecting the flavor, vibrance, and color of the country. It receives due recognition thanks to the use of only the finest ingredients. 

2. Enoteca Pinchiorri, Florence

This innovative, creative, and unbelievably trailblazing heaven for fine-dining gourmands never cut corners. Every dish is a revelation of passion combined with an intent focus on the execution of pieces of food art.

The Ten Finest Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Italy

3. I Tigli in Theoria

Lake Como’s first Michelin-starred restaurant is set in a historic 15th-century building in Como City nestled between the cathedral and the lake. The restaurant’s tasting menus offer traditional flavors with originality and contemporary flair. 

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4. Kitchen

Kitchen is a roomy establishment situated in its own green park complete with a vegetable garden that usually lends seasonal fruits to the craft of the kitchen. During months of summer, enjoy dishes influenced by the experience of the chef with the sea and Italy’s south under the cover of tree foliage. 

5. La Leggenda dei Frati

La Leggenda dei Frati or Legend of the Friars is a legendary spot where tradition and history come together, and every dish is prepared with their guests in mind. The place boasts a picturesque setting with stunning views of the city on the terrace. 

6. La Pergola

La Pergola is a restaurant that most visitors plan their vacation around. The restaurant is nestled in Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel and is exceptionally known for its creativity and embracing both Mediterranean and Italian flavors.

The Ten Finest Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Italy

7. Le Calandre

The menu of Le Calandre is a reflection of the inspiration that the chef takes from viewing the world with a sense of discovery and childlike curiosity combined with the constant quest for seasonal ingredients. While the restaurant’s menu changes all year round, it includes staple dishes that are a favorite among diners. 

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8. Osteria Francescana

Osteria Francescana is always named one of the best restaurants in the world, celebrated for its playful contemporary Italian cuisine. it is a 12-table restaurant where diners can enjoy a 9 or 12-course tasting menu as well as a la carte plates. 

9. Restaurant Mistral

Restaurant Mistral perfectly combines Mediterranean and Italian dishes to keep up with the changes of the season. The tasting menu focuses on the scientific art of molecular cuisine with remarkable results. 

10. Santa Elisabetta

A must-visit in the breathtakingly gorgeous Tuscan capital, Santa Elisabetta is a distinguished culinary stalwart that combines the finest food of Tuscany delicately, settling for purity and simplicity. 

These are just 10 of the 371 Michelin restaurants in Italy that welcome all gastronomic enthusiasts.


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