The Top 10 Major Sport Events in the World

What’s the first thing you do every time you visit a new place? Do you get a taste of all their artisanal local dishes? Or maybe you try to learn about their history through architecture?

The beauty of travel is that you get to soak up new cultures and see the world beyond your backyard. However, if you’re looking for a new reason to pack your bags and go, here are some of the major sporting events in the world that deserve a spot on your bucket list the next time they’re held.

FIFA World Cup, Super Bowl, and Rugby World Cup

The Top 10 Major Sport Events in the World

Yes, all three of these events are huge sporting events that you shouldn’t miss, especially if you’re a fan. The four-year gap between the two World Cups gives you more than enough time to plan your travel. Meanwhile, a US city hosts the Super Bowl every year, so you can look forward to visiting a new place every time.

Hawaiian Triple Crown

The North Shore in Oahu is where you can head over to watch the best surfers in the world ride those winter swells that reach more than 50 feet as they roll in every year from the North Pacific. Three separate events make up the Triple Crown, two of which are for males and females, while the other one is held in another equally celebrated surf spot on the North Shore.

The Top 10 Major Sport Events in the World

The event is the best chance for surfers to fight against each other amidst the massive waves. If you’re a spectator, you’re also in luck because it’s the perfect time for you to witness the professional skills and talent of surfers while basking under the warmth of the sun on a picturesque Hawaiian beach.

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Not everyone is familiar with the Iditarod, but it deserves to be mentioned here. This is the popular dog-sled race in Alaska, considered the ultimate test of endurance for the mushers and the dogs.

The Top 10 Major Sport Events in the World

Participants battle against snow and ice, as well as whiteouts and blizzards, for approximately 1,600 kilometers, typically completed between 9 and 15 days. The panoramic scenery of Alaska is one of the biggest draws of the event.

Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is no doubt one of the most venerated in the world of motor racing for many reasons. From the sheer challenges of the rapid elevation changes and tight turns to the event’s long history that started way back in 1929 to the scenic location in Cote d’Azur, it’s not hard to see why this sports event is popular.

The Top 10 Major Sport Events in the World

You’ll find lots of vantage points thanks to the strategic layout of the course, particularly close to the harbor that serves as the home of affluent people’s watercraft.

New York Marathon

The New York Marathon welcomes all participants, from professional athletes who want to break records to complete beginners who just hope to finish the course and chase new personal best times. This sports event celebrates the achievements of every single individual.

The Top 10 Major Sport Events in the World

After completing the race, you can reward yourself with some pasta or an authentic New York bagel topped with cream cheese and lox to help you regain your energy.

Royal Ascot

The Top 10 Major Sport Events in the World

For many centuries, Royal Ascot has been closely associated with the Royal Family of Britain. Located only 6 miles from Windsor Castle, it’s one of the major events in the social calendar of the English. More than 300,000 people witness the racing carnival that lasts more than a week every year. It also gives spectators the perfect excuse to dress up, especially if you get your hands on tickets to the Royal Enclosure. And don’t worry if you’re not into gambling because you can still be part of the fun-filled crowd.

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Wimbledon Championships

The Wimbledon Championships are not only the oldest but also the world’s most high-status tennis tournament. This is held for two weeks, from late June to early July. It’s also the sole tennis major still being played on grass courts outdoors.

The Top 10 Major Sport Events in the World

More than just a tennis tournament, Wimbledon is also a cultural phenomenon. It’s mandatory to don your smart attire and enjoy cream and strawberries with glasses of Pimms. Don’t forget to wear your best clothes and watch out for celebrities on and off the tennis court.

The Olympic Games

The Top 10 Major Sport Events in the World

The Olympics are arguably the grandest and most major of all the major sporting events in the world. Since 1896, the Games have been held every four years, with only some reasonable exceptions. It’s the ultimate sports heaven for sports fans and non-sports fans alike.

Tour de France

The Tour de France is traditionally held every year in July. Although there are annual changes to the route, the format of this most prestigious cycling race still stays the same.

The Top 10 Major Sport Events in the World

For 23 days, 20 to 22 teams of riders battle it out on the Pyrenees and the Alps on the twisting roads that finish on the Parisian Champs-Elysees.

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This event is also the perfect chance to go on picnics. Go on a quick trip to the local market for your stocks and find a spot at one of the course’s vantage points while waiting for the riders to pass you by like the wind.

British Open and US Masters Tournament

The US Masters Tournament is the first of the four golf tournaments held annually and is also the only one held in the same location each year, specifically at Florida’s Augusta National Golf Club. You don’t even have to be an avid fan of golf because you’ll surely find yourself amazed by the amazingly beautiful, verdant course.

The Top 10 Major Sport Events in the World

But since it’s not easy to get your hands on a ticket even to a practice round of the US Masters Tournament, the British Open is a good alternative. This is held every year at one of the UK’s nine different links courses.

Sports will always be a part of human life. Whether you’re a mad-keen sports fan or not, these major sporting events in the world are all worth witnessing at least once in your life!


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