The Top 9 Historical Sites in the World

Have you always dreamt of taking on adventures like Nicolas Cage in National Treasure or Indiana Jones and exploring historical spots? Well, you don’t have to be like them because these top 9 historical sites in the world are just waiting for you to discover!

1. Chichén Itzá, Mexico

The Top 9 Historical Sites in the World

Chichén Itzá was among the most important Maya cities during 400 CE in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico that flourished until the 1400s. Thanks to the wide variety of the site’s Mesoamerican architectural styles, it is believed to have the Maya world’s most diverse population.

2. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The Top 9 Historical Sites in the World

Any list of historical sites in the world will be incomplete if it doesn’t include the Pyramids of Giza. There are six major Giza pyramids, a worker’s settlement, a palace complex including the Great Sphinx of Giza, and several cemeteries found here. 

3. Machu Picchu, Peru

The Top 9 Historical Sites in the World

Machu Picchu is an Incan city nestled between two magnificent peaks and perched thousands of meters above sea level in the Andes. Despite the intricate stone ruins of the Inca rulers in the 15th century, the natural setting of Machu Picchu makes it exciting. 

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4. Moai Statues of Easter Island, Chile

The Top 9 Historical Sites in the World

Easter island is a volcanic island located thousands of miles off Chile’s coast with a lush carpet of palm trees and rolling hills. The island itself is best known for the hundreds of monolithic Moai statues found here. Eastern Polynesia’s Rapa Nui civilization chiseled the massive statues hundreds of years ago in honor of their ancestors. 

5. Old Bagan City, Myanmar

The Top 9 Historical Sites in the World

A magical sight awaits you if you visit Bagan in the late afternoon or early in the morning as thousands of ancient stupas and temples are silhouetted against the sky. Most of the Buddhist temples in the area were constructed a thousand years ago when it was Pagan Kingdom’s capital. 

6. Stonehenge, United Kingdom

The Top 9 Historical Sites in the World

The reason behind the construction of the ring of standing stones standing at 30 feet tall remains unknown to this day. This is located in the heart of the densest collection of Bronze Age and Neolithic monuments in England including dozens of ossuaries. 

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It is believed that archaeologists used the site for studying the movement of the moon and sun. Stonehenge is among the world’s most enigmatic historical sites because archaeologists are still attempting to discover what it was meant for. 

7. Taj Mahal, India

The Top 9 Historical Sites in the World

Taj Mahal with its ivory-white marble inlay is a mausoleum built in the 1600s. Sunken flower beds, raised pathways, gorgeous formal gardens, and the iconic reflecting pool make up the complex that is considered a monument to eternal love. 

8. Colosseum, Italy

The Top 9 Historical Sites in the World

The Colosseum is one of the largest amphitheaters in the world with a capacity of more than 50,000 people. Tourists from the world over visit to see the remnants of a civilization that ruled the world in the distant past. While almost two-thirds of the famous landmark in Rome has already been destroyed, its rich history continues to make it a must0-visit site. 

9. The Great Wall, China

The Top 9 Historical Sites in the World

It took more than 500 years to build the Great Wall, with the main purpose of serving as a formidable defense against the era’s Mongol invasion. The Great Wall of China is the most extended artificial structure in the world, an epitome of the triumph of human ingenuity and engineering. 

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Whether you are a history buff or not, don’t miss the chance to visit these historical sites in the world.


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