The Ultimate Boat and Yacht Voyages Around the World

Have you always dreamed of traveling the seas and exploring the open ocean waters? Do you want to circumnavigate the world as you glide through the swells and waves? Does your bucket list include sleeping on the deck under the night sky filled with twinkling stars or diving into the azure sea right off the ship?

Luxury expeditions across the world are once-in-a-lifetime travel adventures, and this year might be the best time to give them a try. Whether you’re a seafarer yourself, a travel lover, a wanderer, or an adventurer, here are the ultimate boat and yacht voyages around the world that you should try at least once in your lifetime!


Greece is made up of more than 3,000 islets and islands and is among the world’s best places to book a boat or yacht voyage. The gorgeous natural landscapes, rich culture, and ancient archeology entice voyagers from different parts of the globe.

The Ultimate Boat and Yacht Voyages Around the World

Among the islands you shouldn’t miss exploring are Crete, Mykonos, and Santorini. Santorini is home to panoramic hillside towns, white-washed houses, and incredible sunsets. Crete is known for excellent Greek delicacies and the opportunity to step back in time at one of the numerous archeological sites in the area.

Mykonos is the busiest of all Greek islands, with packed main beaches and vibrant nightlife. Be sure to sail through the ancient seas as you explore both uninhabited and inhabited islands under the glorious sun of the Mediterranean.

St. Martin

St. Martin is dubbed one of the world’s top sailing destinations, and there’s no surprise there, considering how the island overflows with beauty. Both the Netherlands and France rule the island, which means you can experience both cultures in just one place during your visit.

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You can explore numerous islands when you charter a boat or yacht here, including Saba, Anguilla, and St. Barths. Expect to see gorgeous, secluded, silky white sand beaches, excellent shopping experiences, and amazing waterfront restaurants.

The Ultimate Boat and Yacht Voyages Around the World

Head over to the waters and discover why Saba is considered a paradise for all divers and snorkelers. The wonderful tropical scenery, world-renowned beaches, nightlife, and islands waiting to be explored make St. Martin the ultimate escape in the Caribbean.


Turkey is made up of a coastline that spans 8,300 kilometers, four seas, and an abundance of beaches, marinas, bays, inlets, and coves. Boat and yacht voyages in Turkey are among the world’s finest thanks to the steady winds, crystal-clear blue waters, secluded anchorages, and beautiful beaches.

The country has long served as the meeting point between the Mediterranean and the Far East, and this is reflected in the cuisine and culture of Turkey. The Turkish coastline’s stretch is divided into four different areas for yacht charters, each providing a distinct experience.

The Ultimate Boat and Yacht Voyages Around the World

The Ionian Coast is the ideal destination if you want the perfect climate and to explore the shores that brought forth the Ionians’ rich culture. Meanwhile, the West Lycian Coast is ideal for those who wish to discover the mountainous shores instead. Rock tombs comprise most of the Easy Lycian Coast, with the Carian Coast being the most famous sailing ground.


Croatia is a true hidden gem of the Mediterranean, as it offers more than 1,000 islands and is the ultimate paradise for sailors. The Dalmatian islands in particular are rugged, wild, and mainly uninhabited, providing some of the area’s best sailing experiences.

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Pristine beaches, the secluded Kornati archipelago, and history-rich ancient villages will welcome you here. If you have plans to sail here and you’re craving some seclusion, try to schedule your voyage for early spring so you can find your exclusive little cove.

The Ultimate Boat and Yacht Voyages Around the World

During April and May, the water gets warm, which makes it perfect for swimming. If you’re looking for excellent wine, cuisine, and culture, you should visit South and West Istria, where you can find all of them.

Canary Islands, Spain

Spain’s Canary Islands, located right off the African coast, are a favorite vacation destination in Europe, especially if you wish to take to the seas. The favorable winds and unspoiled nature make the Canary Islands a perfect destination all year.

The islands boast a combination of various cultures, historical influences, and people known for their warm local hospitality. A yacht or boat voyage is the perfect way to travel to and from the islands. Gran Canaria’s beaches and Tenerife’s vibrant nightlife are also favorites among visitors.

The Ultimate Boat and Yacht Voyages Around the World

However, La Palma Island sets this destination apart from others, with some visitors even claiming that this is the world’s most beautiful place. With favorable winds, breathtaking beaches, and sheltered marinas, it’s the perfect spot for a water voyage.

French Rivera

The French Riviera is a coastal region that runs along the Mediterranean and boasts stunning scenery and breathtaking beaches. Filled with year-round sunshine, chartering a boat or yacht here is a one-of-a-kind experience.

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The area does an amazing job of blending the rugged landscapes with the huge cosmopolitan reports of Monte Carlo, Nice, and Cannes. For delectable cuisine and bustling nightlife, head inland to any of these three areas.

The Ultimate Boat and Yacht Voyages Around the World

If you don’t like being among the crowds, you can just yacht down to Porquerolles and Port Cros, with their relaxed atmosphere and palm trees gently dancing in the wind. The coast, lined with historical architecture, combined with small marinas and white sandy beaches, makes it among the most fabled areas for chartering a boat or yacht.

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Located along Australia’s northeastern coast, the 74 Whitsunday Islands are right in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. Different water sports, including diving excursions and snorkeling, bring yachters and boaters from different parts of the world to experience the waters.

The Ultimate Boat and Yacht Voyages Around the World

The eight primary islands are filled with resorts, although there are also lots of deserted sandbars and islands. Try anchoring at Bauer Bay and strolling to the top to see the islands in all their glory.

Luxury expeditions are a different way of exploring the world. These are the best boat and yacht voyages that you need to embark on sooner rather than later!


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