The Ultimate Seychelles Travel Guide

Seychelles is one of the dream destinations of many jet-setters. These islands are paradise on earth with lush palm trees, turquoise water, and sparkling white sandy beaches. 

However, even if you will travel to heaven itself, being prepared is the secret to the most successful and unforgettable trip. The following is the ultimate Seychelles travel guide to enjoy your stay to the fullest! 

Best Time to Go and Climate in Seychelles 

Seychelles has a year-round humid and warm climate and temperatures rarely rise above 32 degrees Celsius or fall below 24 degrees Celsius. Expect the place to be popular throughout the year since it is a holiday destination. 

The Ultimate Seychelles Travel Guide

However, there are several critical variations in seasonal weather. December to March is the time called the Northwest Monsoon with the most rain while the wettest months are January and February. But there are still plenty of visitors during the rainy season. 

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The Southeast Monsoon from May to October is generally the most ideal time to visit and is also drier. The hottest months are March and April while the coolest are July and August. 

Don’t forget to check the local weather conditions when you plan your trip because it will affect your preferred destination. 

How to Get There 

Air travel is the most common mode of transportation because Seychelles is located 1,500 off the East African coast. Mahé is the home to the international airport with direct flights to some destinations. The airport may be small but is efficient and comfortable.

The Ultimate Seychelles Travel Guide

Getting Around 

There are a total of 115 islands in Seychelles with Mahé being the largest and home to Victoria, the capital city. La Digue and Praslin islands are close to Mahé and are among Seychelles’ most visited islands. You can get around Seychelles by helicopter and air, ferry, bus, car, and bike. 

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Beaches and Nature

Seychelles has incredibly lush islands with a plethora of green variations. Those photos you see don’t do these islands justice because they are more beautiful in person. They are extremely clean on the beaches and along the streets alike. 

All Seychelles beaches are also open to the public. But it might be a bit of a challenge to access the beaches in the resorts. A reservation is required for beaches located on the hotel grounds. The hotels may also implement limits on how many people are allowed to enter the beach daily. Again, the secret here is to plan your visit in advance.

The Ultimate Seychelles Travel Guide


Seychelles is a famous holiday destination not only for couples but also for families. If you will travel with a loved one or you want some quiet and peace during your trip, don’t forget to do your research before you book your accommodation. Be sure to have a printed copy of the booking for a smooth and seamless check-in process since many hotels request to see this. 

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Many resorts and hotels in Seychelles are found near the sea so expect to hear the loud sound of waves at night, particularly when the tide shifts. 

Explore the undeniable beauty of the tropical paradise of Seychelles!


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