The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist 

It doesn’t matter if this is your first trip or if you are a seasoned traveler; having a well-planned travel packing checklist can make or break your entire trip. To avoid lugging unnecessary items that will only add more weight, here is the ultimate travel packing checklist you need to remember:

Electronic Item Checklist 

You need to sort out your electronic items, and the essentials include the following:

  • Universal travel adapter

Be sure to get a universal travel adapter with specific plugs for various countries with labels of plug types on them. 

  • Camera 

Pack your professional camera and gear properly to keep them protected. For a GoPro or compact camera, don’t forget your batteries, memory cards, and charger. 

  • E-reader 

E-readers are handy and compact which makes them perfect for long flights. Don’t forget to charge them and download your favorite books before your trip.

  • Tablet or laptop

If you plan to bring your laptop with you, put it securely inside a carry-on backpack complete with a protective padded laptop compartment. 

  • Phone 

Of course, be sure to have your international sim card if needed, and your phone charger. 

  • Power bank or portable charger

This should be compact and small enough for your everyday travel bag.

The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist 

Clothing Checklist 

The clothing items you pack depend on different factors of your trip, such as the duration, destination, location, weather, and others. But the general rule of thumb here is to bring loose, comfortable, and light clothes. 

It is also advisable to pack some clothes in your carry-on baggage if you are traveling with checked luggage just in case your checked suitcase is delayed or lost. 

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Here is the checklist to follow to ensure that you always have your essentials no matter what type of travel you have:

  • For cool weather: jumper, long-sleeved shirt, shawl, sweater, sweatshirt
  • For excursions: closed-toe shoes, clothes to get dirty, water shoes
  • For beach getaways: bathing suit, sunglasses, hat
  • For strolls around town: activewear, socks, walking shoes
  • Miscellaneous: non-valuable jewelry, raincoat/poncho,sleepwear, underwear

Be sure to bring appropriate clothing suitable for the different activities you plan to try. For example, if your itinerary includes a visit to a sacred site or temple, it is advisable to prepare clothing items that will cover your shoulders and legs. Some destinations such as Bali also require visitors to wear a sarong when entering their temples. 

On the other hand, if you will go on a trekking trip, don’t forget to check the required equipment and type of shoes. Do your research and consider your planned activities when packing. 

Medicine Checklist

Unless you need to take some medicine on the plane, all medication must be packed in the checked luggage. Refer to the policies regarding rules for liquids if you have medicine in liquid form in your carry-on.

Below are a few suggestions for essential medication and first aid:

  • Medicine: sting reliever/prescription bug repellents, vitamins, migraine/headache, muscle pain, stomachache, cold/flu, heartburn, fever, allergy, motion sickness, birth control pills/contraception
  • First aid: hand sanitizer, small scissors in the checked luggage, nail clippers, tweezers, eye drops, cotton swaps, cotton balls, blister pads/ moleskin, itch reliever, aloe/ sunburn gel, adhesive bandages, waterproof bandage tape, gauze, antibiotic cream Polysporin, lozenges/ cough drops, thermometer, rubber band
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Be sure that you have your doctor’s prescription with you at all times to prevent unwanted incidents at the Immigration and customs checkpoints.

The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist 

Toiletries Checklist 

If you will travel only with carry-on luggage, be sure you know the rules about bringing liquids through the security checkpoints. Be sure to follow the liquid rule to avoid any trouble. Liquid toiletries include aerosols, creams, gels, liquids, and pastes.

Eyeliner, foundation, mascara, moisturizer, nail polish, and perfumes are all considered liquid cosmetics, too. The following rule applies to carry-on bags:

3 – Travelers are allowed to carry aerosol, creams, gels, liquids, and pastes in 3.4oz (100ml) or smaller containers.

1 – The items must fit into one clear plastic re-sealable quart-sized bag.

1 – Every passenger is allowed only one bag.

While the rule applies to USA airlines, all airlines across the globe also follow them. When in doubt, call your airline or check their website for clarifications. 

Here are the general essential toiletries to pack for your trip:

  • Bathroom: body wash, conditioner, dental floss, feminine hygiene products, mouthwash, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Eyes: contact lenses and other related products
  • Hair: comb/ hairbrush, hair mousse/spray/gel, scrunchies/hair ties
  • Kit: eyeglass repair kit, safety pins, sewing repair kit, shower cap
  • Skincare: compact mirror, facial cleanser, facial tissues, skin moisturizer/lotion, makeup, makeup remover
  • Others: aftershave, deodorant, menstruation products, cologne/perfume, razor, shaving cream

Cash, Credit Cards, and Travel Documents Checklist 

Whether you are traveling internationally or domestically, make sure you always bring with you all of your important travel documents. This will ensure that you don’t get stuck in a situation that requires them. Here are the must-have documents to include in your traveling checklist:

  • ID card, driving license, passport, travel visa – Always have the original version with you on your carry-ons and a few hard copies to keep in the checked luggage as a backup. 
  • Travel insurance – Several destinations may also require a specific type of travel insurance so be sure you check it before you decide on a particular policy with your insurance provider.  
  • Travel itinerary – All your boarding passes, other tickets, and plans should have both a hard copy and a digital copy stored on your phone, Gmail, or iCloud either photographed or scanned just in case.   
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As for payments during your travel, the choice between credit cards and cash will depend on the region or country you will travel to. In some places such as Northeast Asia, North America, and Europe, credit card payments are widely accepted. But in other regions such as Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia, local markets and people prefer traditional payment methods. 

Use this travel packing checklist to have the smoothest and most convenient trip possible!


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