The World's Most Amazing Bridges

Some bridges serve their purpose, while others serve their purpose with beauty. This is why it is not a surprise to see bridges ranking among the most iconic sights of the world, attracting millions of tourists every year hoping to see them.

Here are some of the world’s most amazing bridges that are considered technological marvels and architectural jewels that have become famous landmarks in their own right. 

Brooklyn Bridge – New York City

The acclaimed Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, USA is a suspension bridge connecting the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan by spanning a length of 1,596 feet over the East River.

The World's Most Amazing Bridges

The bridge’s construction started in 1869, officially opening after 14 years. Brooklyn Bridge is among the best free attractions in NYC with a wide pedestrian walkway in the center open to cyclists and walkers above the vehicle lanes. 

Watch as the views of the skyline unfold before your eyes as you walk towards Manhattan from Brooklyn. 

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Charles Bridge – Prague, Czech Republic

Charles Bridge is a unique stone gothic bridge crossing the Vitava River and connecting Lesser Town and Old Town of Prague. 

The bridge spans a length of 2,037 feet with a width of almost 33 feet, resting on the 16 arches safeguarded by ice guards.

The World's Most Amazing Bridges

A continuous alley of 30 statuaries and statues decorate the bridge, the majority of them baroque style. Most were originally constructed around 1700 although replicas have now replaced all of them.

You can bask in the amazing panoramic view of Prague Castle from the bridge, adding more to its beauty. 

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco

No list of amazing bridges in the world will ever be complete without mentioning the iconic and acclaimed Golden Gate Bridge.

The bridge is one of the USA’s most internationally recognized symbols, spanning the channel between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean, linking San Francisco city and Marin County. It was officially opened in 1937 and was named the world’s longest suspension bridge main span until 1964 at 4,200 feet.

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The World's Most Amazing Bridges

The bridge has undergone retrofitting to become more resistant to earthquakes due to its proximity to the Ring of Fire. It is a popular bridge among bicyclists and pedestrians with cycling paths and walkways on both sides of the six lanes for vehicles.

Millau Viaduct – France

Millau Viaduct is a part of the A75-A71 Freeway to Montpellier from Paris and is located in southern France’s Aveyron départment. It is the world’s highest bridge that stands over the Tarn River at 890 feet with a height of over 1,125 feet on top of its highest mast.

The World's Most Amazing Bridges

This is just a bit taller than Paris’ Eiffel Tower and only 125 feet shorter than the Empire State Building! Millau Viaduct is a cable-stayed road bridge designed by British architect Norman Foster and engineer Michel Virlogeux.

Ponte Vecchio – Florence, Italy

Every Florence trip requires some time spent strolling by Ponte Vecchio, the medieval arch bridge spanning the Arno River at its narrowest point. This bridge was originally constructed in the Roman era and was rebuilt during the 14th century after a flood destroyed it.

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The World's Most Amazing Bridges

It was the only bridge across the river that was not destroyed by the fleeing Germans during World War II. Ponte Vecchio always has shops including those of fishmongers and butchers. However, it was decided later that only jewellers and goldsmiths are allowed to have shops on the bridge. 

Are you ready to cross these amazing bridges of the world? 


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