These wonderful Asian destinations will pay you to visit

Now that the pandemic restrictions have loosened up and with more and more countries starting to open their borders once again, it’s no surprise that some destinations are going the extra mile to attract more tourists and visitors. These places offer deals in the form of discounts, flights, and even cash incentives.

Are you excited to explore the “new world?” Do you want to finally move out of your home country and settle in a foreign land? Then now is the best time to do so. In case you didn’t know, these wonderful Asian destinations will pay you to visit. It means that aside from getting the chance to see new sights and attractions, you can even enjoy more perks that can take your vacation or relocation to a whole new level.

Hong Kong

How does a free flight to Hong Kong sound to you? Will you be able to resist such an offer? Definitely not! If you have been keeping an eye on the latest news, you will soon have the chance to fly to Hong Kong. More than half a million plane tickets are expected to be given out for free starting in March.

These wonderful Asian destinations will pay you to visit

This initiative by the Hong Kong government is meant to entice more travelers to the country after the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions of the Asian governments have been noted to be more stringent than those of other countries, which means that travel didn’t resume as quickly in the region as it did in the rest of the world. It also explains why the costs of transpacific flights are high at the moment.

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With Japan’s tourism industry taking the brunt of the effects of the pandemic restrictions, the country has decided to allot approximately $12.5 billion by subsidizing half of the travel expenses of visitors. This program covers a wide range of vouchers, discounts, and travel expenses to lure more tourists.

These wonderful Asian destinations will pay you to visit

You will be qualified for these subsidiaries if you made your bookings through the travel agencies in Japan or if you directly got in touch with ryokan inns and hotels. You can get as much as $212 per day in vouchers and discounts that you can spend at the local restaurants and shops in the area.

South Korea

South Korea, another East Asian country that is gaining popularity these days, is also seeing a remarkable growth rate. This developed country also boasts an amazing lifestyle for both its citizens and tourists.

These wonderful Asian destinations will pay you to visit

The healthcare and education systems of South Korea are also acclaimed as some of the best in the world. English-speaking ex-pats in the country usually have higher chances of landing good job positions. They can also earn a significant amount of money because it’s not too expensive to stay in the country. If you plan to move to South Korea, make sure you get a work visa, as this will let you work there and save up.


While travel is almost back to normal, some places still work hard to lure visitors. The island country of Taiwan, in particular, is the newest deep-pocketed destination. The government of the nation has announced its plans to give 500,000 travelers an incentive of approximately $165 per person just to go on a vacation in the country.

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These wonderful Asian destinations will pay you to visit

Tour groups consisting of eight to 14 people can also expect to receive an incentive worth $330, while bigger groups can receive as much as $658.

This initiative is expected to cost the government of Taiwan approximately $174.31 million. They are doing this to jumpstart the number of tourists. Around 11.8 million international tourists were recorded visiting Taiwan in 2019, but these figures sadly plummeted to less than 900,000 guests in 2022.

The Taiwanese government aims to entice six million tourists in 2023 and attract 10 million visitors by 2025.


The Asian country of Thailand is evolving to become one of the world’s best destinations, and they are also encouraging more and more people to visit them. Thailand hopes its culture and business will grow and thrive more in the coming years.

These wonderful Asian destinations will pay you to visit

For some time, Thailand has been welcoming tourists from Canada and the USA. At the moment, they are inviting everyone and anyone who would like to visit and stay in this wonderful tropical paradise. Thailand is known for having a low cost of living, not to mention that the country also offers its visitors several modern amenities and facilities.

Most importantly, the nation also has an outstanding healthcare system that is reliable but still affordable. Thailand is also a haven for families with kids.


Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. Just like most of its neighboring countries, it’s also going through some constant changes and shifts to keep up with the rest of the more developed nations. The Vietnamese economy is already doing well, and they wish more people would visit them.

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The cost of living in Vietnam is more affordable than in other countries. The government also encourages more English teachers. You can also join this program if you apply for a work visa. Vietnam also has an excellent healthcare system at the moment since a big chunk of its population is made up of ex-pats. You also get the chance to live in a beautiful country if you decide to move to Vietnam.

These wonderful Asian destinations will pay you to visit

The whole world has spent a lot of time stuck at home, scrolling through social media, listening to Spotify, and watching Netflix. Seeing all those travel videos and photos got people itching to book a flight somewhere. That’s why the moment international borders reopened, almost everyone was too excited to pack their bags and go.

Now that people are starting to bounce back in terms of finances, traveling the world is starting to become an enticing prospect once again. But if your finances aren’t too stable just yet, don’t worry because the Asian destinations above will pay for your visit. So if you want to go on a much-needed vacation but you’re short on budget, do your research and find the perfect destination for you!


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