Thinking of Moving to Ibiza? 8 Things You Need to Know

300 days of sunshine, tranquil beaches, and the world’s most famous clubs define Ibiza. If you have been lucky enough to visit this small Mediterranean island, you surely wouldn’t be surprised that it is very popular among expats from different parts of the world. 

But before you go and pack your bags to move to Ibiza, there are 8 things you should know first to prepare yourself for the more everyday aspect of Ibizan life. 

1. Don’t Expect an Easy Life Immediately

Ibizans do work hard contrary to popular belief. If you will head to the island for work, especially in the tourism industry, expect possibly antisocial and long hours. Expect the first several months to be spent preparing the paperwork to buy the house of your dreams.

Thinking of Moving to Ibiza? 8 Things You Need to Know

2. Expect Bureaucracy Hours

Spanish love their bureaucracy. Don’t forget to check and double-check in having your official papers in order or else, you need to return the following day for yet another long wait. From new business generation to NIE application, expect that things might take longer. 

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3. Getting Around is a Bit Tricky

The island of Ibiza doesn’t have any trams or trains while the bus service is a tad glitchy and sparse. Due to the limited public transport, it is best to invest in a safe albeit old runaround. It is also wise to keep jump leads or a car battery charger in the boot. 

4. It’s Expensive

Ibiza can be expensive, which is not really a surprise considering that the island is located 150 km from the mainland. On top of that, the industry is simply insatiable during summer. Since work may be impossible during the winter months, your living costs may quickly eat up your savings. Real estate, either for renting or purchasing, is also expensive.

Thinking of Moving to Ibiza? 8 Things You Need to Know

5. Don’t Forget Mañana

Mañana is a very real concept in Ibiza just like in other parts of Spain. Try stepping back while planning your Ibiza move and take things as they come once you get to the island. You can definitely rely on Mañana for anything you need, whether it is for a job application or waiting for the pros to paint your house. 

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6. Expect Spiritual Awakening

Popularly known as the home of artists and hippies for many decades, Ibiza has an endless variety and numbers of spiritual events, new age schools of thought, and alternative therapies. Everything is here, from crystals to tarot, sound massage, yoga, ayahuasca, and kambo. 

7. Quiet and Loud Sides Exist 

While Ibiza is now popular for its long nights of hedonistic partying and long loud nights, the island also used to be home to untouched natural beauty and longstanding local communities. This is why hippies moved to the island during the 50s to 70s because of the solitude and silence it offers.

Thinking of Moving to Ibiza? 8 Things You Need to Know

8. Learning Spanish is a Must

While everyone may speak English, German, or Dutch, it is essential to learn Spanish if you plan to settle down in Ibiza for good. Even a bit of Spanish can go a long way to talk to the locals who can assist you in different ways. 

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Remember these things to have a seamless and pleasant move to Ibiza.


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