Three must-see spots for anyone staying in and around Lisbon

Lisbon is a city full of history, culture and flavour. The westernmost capital city in Europe, it’s gaining an ever-growing reputation amongst international tourists who want to experience this unique metropolis for themselves. Contemporary shops and restaurants sit alongside monuments depicting a bygone era – there truly is something to cater to all different tastes here.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day by the river or something more adventurous, you’re sure to find plenty to feature on your Lisbon itinerary. Here are some of our top recommendations to consider for your next Portuguese venture.

Time Out Market

What better way to kick off your stay in Lisbon than by taking a stroll through its world-class culinary landscape? The city’s gastronomic excellence is encapsulated within the walls of the Time Out Market – the perfect place to fuel up for a long day’s sightseeing.

Three must-see spots for anyone staying in and around Lisbon

Reopened under its current guise in 2014, the market houses only the very best vendors in the city, with more than 25 restaurants and eight bars offering both local and international fare. With every vendor hand-picked by a panel of city experts, you’ll be sure that every member of your party will leave with a smile on their face, having indulged in the finest street food in Lisbon.

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Belém Tower

The Belém Tower is one of the most impressive structures in all of Lisbon, and holds great historical significance. The tower is a ceremonial gateway that was constructed during the early 1500s, and has since become one of the most emblematic buildings anywhere in the country – it’s recognised as being one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal.

Three must-see spots for anyone staying in and around Lisbon

Situated on a small island in the Tagus River, it was built during a time when Lisbon was an important seaport, and the tower was constructed to be a part of the city’s defences. The tower remains an excellent example of Portuguese architecture from the Manueline period – such is its historical and cultural significance, the tower has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cristo Rei

Inspired by Rio’s Christ the Redeemer statue, the Cristo Rei is found on the banks of the River Tagus, overlooking the Tejo Estuary. It is one of the most important religious attractions in the entire city, but its beauty can be appreciated by any visitor.

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Three must-see spots for anyone staying in and around Lisbon

The towering structure, which was completed in the 1950s, measures over 110m in height, but its enormity has to be seen up close to truly be appreciated. For just €6, you can scale the monument and soak up one of the best views on offer anywhere in the city.

To sum up

In this post, we’ve shone a light on just three of the most popular tourist attractions in and around the city of Lisbon. Should you choose to extend your stay in the city, there is so much more to explore all across this beautiful corner of the country. However you choose to spend your time in Lisbon, you’re sure to have an unforgettable holiday.


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