Top 10 London Musicals

West End in London is considered the mecca for all fans and lovers of musicals. The area is acclaimed across the world for its extensive selection. If you want to catch a show during your trip, here are the top ten London musicals you shouldn’t miss!

1. Aladdin

The audience can expect colorful costumes and incredible sets when watching Aladdin while experiencing numerous magical moments that are only made possible when West End and Disney collide. 

2. Chicago

The sexy Jazz Age extravaganza that is Chicago is known for its enchanting singing and costumes, dazzling dances, and a captivating murder plot. 

3. Dear Evan Hansen

This London musical is about a 17-year-old boy with social anxiety disorder. He lived with his mother after his parents went their separate ways. The sexual references and language of the show make it suitable for kids aged 13 and above.

Top 10 London Musicals

4. Hamilton

Hamilton tells an award-winning history lesson about one of the United States Founding Fathers, none other than Alexander Hamilton. Rap and songs bring the award-winning production to life. it opened on Broadway in 2015 and is also available at Victoria Palace Theatre. 

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5. Lion King

The remarkable storyline of Lion King enthralls the audience regardless of the setting, and the extravagant Broadway production is definitely not an exception. Critics always rave about this play, and young and old audiences enjoy the captivating and enchanting antics on the stage. 

6. Mamma Mia!

The playwright Catherine Johnson incorporates the classics of ABBA in this musical with a lovable and exciting plotline. It unveils the bliss of a wedding day that also comes with its fair share of blithe drama. Since it hit the stage in 1999, Mamma Mia! Continuously attracts large crowds of audience. 

7. Matilda

Did you read Matilda by Roald Dahl when you were still young? Or maybe you watched its movie adaptation? Matilda the Musical is the latest version where you can watch Matilda using her magical powers to fight off her life’s biggest bullies: the wicked principal Trunchbull and her uncaring parents.

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Top 10 London Musicals

8. Phantom of the Opera

There is a good reason why the Phantom of the Opera earns the title of being West End’s third longest-running play. It is a must-see original musical that is as beautiful as it is haunting, brought to life by its talented actresses and actors. The play follows the story of a phantom who fell in love with the eccentric choir singer Christine. 

9. Thriller

Travel back in time with the mesmerizing collection of tunes by Michael Jackson and the Jackson. Thriller plays are almost similar to a concert while still mastering the excitement of watching a musical. 

10. Waitress

You might be familiar with Sara Bareilles, the singer-songwriter behind the hits Brave and Love Song. However, the compelling songwriter skills of the musician were brought to life in Waitress. The Broadway play tells the story of Jenna, a waitress and pie maker who is in an abusive relationship. 

Which of these London musicals would you want to watch first?

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Top 10 London Musicals


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