Top 10 Luxury Tours for Adventure Seekers

There’s always something fulfilling and rewarding about traveling. You’ll get to see with your own eyes some of the most jaw-dropping landscapes, discover and experience new cultures, and most importantly, create memories that will last a lifetime.

But all these are taken a notch higher for those who crave adventure in their lives. If you’re searching for luxury tours and excursions, here are some options you shouldn’t miss out on:

1. Explore Antarctica on a Kayak

No list of luxury adventures will be complete without going to the ultimate genuine adventure destination in the world, none other than Antarctica. If you’re up for a taste of wild escapades, why not embark on an Antarctic ship that accommodates 50 passengers to go on exhilarating kayaking trips?

Top 10 Luxury Tours for Adventure Seekers

You don’t even need to be fit like an Iron Man or even a seasoned kayaker just to go on this excursion because there are lots of activities waiting for those who’d rather go on layoffs.

But if you want to unleash your adventurous streak, you can always explore the icy continent further than other travelers. Better yet, why not prepare your skis so you can ride the most far-flung snowy backcountry in the world?

2. Experience the Epitome of Luxury in the Vineyards, Gauchos, and Glaciers of Argentina

Relish pampering yourself in one of the most iconic properties of Argentina while exploring the different facets of the character of the country on an indulgent holiday in South America.

You can stay in five-star establishments in three of the most beautiful and interesting locations in Argentina. The first one is the gorgeous colonial estancia in the pampas’ expansive grasslands, dubbed the heartland of the popular gaucho culture of Argentina.

Top 10 Luxury Tours for Adventure Seekers

The second one is Mendoza’s luxurious country lodge, surrounded by some of the best wineries in Argentina. Last but not least is a breathtaking Patagonian hotel where you’ll be treated to incredible views of ancient glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and vast plains.

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You can kick off and conclude your journey in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, the most sophisticated European city in Latin America. While there, you can drop by the Teatro Colóny and relish a sumptuous dinner while watching a live tango show.

3. Pedal on a Bike Odyssey in South America

See the finest of Argentina and Chile directly from the road while you bike your way along the gorgeous Pacific Coast of Chile, stop at most of the vineyards of the country, and then wind your way through the Andes, the second-highest mountain range in the world.

Top 10 Luxury Tours for Adventure Seekers

Of course, doing all these will require lots of leg effort on your part, but you can always choose how far or how long you’ll ride daily. Once you hop out of the saddle, you can doze off in some of the most acclaimed five-star lodges in South America, from the luxury tree houses to the glass lodges perched in national parks offering scenic views of smoking volcanoes.

4. Hop on a Train Ride on the Eastern and Oriental Express

Boarding the posh Eastern and Oriental Express is one of the best ways to travel in style through Southeast Asian cities, rice fields, and jungles.

The Eastern and Oriental Express is the perfect epitome of refined elegance, equipped with a luxurious observation car, a piano bar, and fine dining.

Top 10 Luxury Tours for Adventure Seekers

The train also stops en route for guided tours at the infamous Bridge Over the River Kwai, the town of Kuala Kangsar in Malaysia, the majestic Ubudiah mosque, the Sultan Shah Gallery, and the Royal Museum of Perak.

Every night, you’ll also be pampered with cocktails and a gourmet dinner, with your journey concluding in Singapore. You can also spend three nights at the celebrated Raffles Hotel, Singapore’s spiritual home.

5. Stylish Exploration of the Great Barrier Reef

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If you’re craving the ultimate adventure in tropical Queensland, make sure you try a luxury 10-day adventure that combines luxury stays on the ranches in the vast outback with a private yacht charter for four days around the Great Barrier Reef’s islands.

Your trip starts at a far-flung cattle station where you can enjoy a comfortable stay in the well-appointed outback lodge, where you can observe the everyday workings of the ranch and watch out for local birds and freshwater crocodiles in the local waterways.

Top 10 Luxury Tours for Adventure Seekers

After this, you can go on a daring 4×4 transfer that will whisk you across the Atherton Tablelands and then head over to the Daintree rainforest. There, you will stay at the Silky Oaks Lodge for two nights, which overlooks the Mossman River.

Lastly, you can board the luxury yacht MV Bahama for four days to explore the Great Barrier Reef. You can visit the outer and inner ribbon reefs, serene lagoons, sand cays, and continental islands. You can also snorkel with the sea turtles, visit Snapper Island’s deserted beaches, and explore the panoramic coral reefs.

6. Trek Europe’s Most Picturesque Trail

Travelers have been trekking the Haute Route, the most iconic mountain trail in Europe, since the mid-1800s. The good news is that you can do it in perfect luxury as you spend 12 days hiking from the French resort of Chamonix to Zermatt, the gorgeous ski town in Switzerland, located right below the Matterhorn, one of the most acclaimed mountains in the world.

Top 10 Luxury Tours for Adventure Seekers

Expect some hard-going hikes here and there as you take mountain passes along the route’s rocky glacial sections. However, don’t worry because the majority of the trail winds its way through vineyards, farms, and traditional Swiss villages, where you can stay in hotels and inns along the way.

7. Take a Plunge into Traditional Japan

Top 10 Luxury Tours for Adventure Seekers

A grand Japanese tour is a great way to immerse yourself in the acclaimed hospitality of the Japanese. Don’t miss the chance to stay in traditional Japanese inns called ryokans, which are usually nestled in historic buildings set in artistically manicured gardens. Ryokans are a great place to gain more insights into the culture of the country, focusing on sheer beauty and serenity through their delicate screen doors, tatami mat flooring, and delicious food options.

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8. Sail the Kimberley

Top 10 Luxury Tours for Adventure Seekers

Explore Western Australia’s wild coast of the Kimberley with just the wind aboard the three-masted yacht that can accommodate 32 crew members and 32 passengers. A total of 16 rooms are spread throughout the three decks for a private yacht-like experience. Two cruises can be combined into one to spend two weeks exploring the whole coastline from top to bottom.

9. Embark on New Zealand’s Private Heli-Skiing

Top 10 Luxury Tours for Adventure Seekers

Stay in one of the world’s four most private and secluded luxury lodges that are only accessible from Wanaka by helicopter in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Get some sleep in the private chalet established in a meadow as high as one kilometer with mountains around it, and stroll along timber boardwalks leading to the mountain kitchen, where meals are prepped by a private chef.

10. Indulge in a Royalty Experience in Rajasthan

Top 10 Luxury Tours for Adventure Seekers

Explore the most enchanting sights of Rajasthan and get up close and personal with wildlife superstars on this sophisticated boutique journey through the most colorful destination in India. Experience the treatment worthy of Mughal royalty while staying at Alila Fort Bishangarh, the heritage fortress with amazing views that overlook rural Rajasthan.


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