Top 15 Most Amazing Cave Hotels in The World

Staying in a cave hotel is an entirely different experience. Recent years have seen an increase of cave hotels across the globe, and we are fortunate to be able to enjoy them.

Today we will be exploring the top 14 most amazing cave hotels on Earth, including a hotel suite atop a limestone cave in Jamaica, 155 meters underground, and a hotel suite beneath the Grand Canyon.

#1 Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita, Italy

These romantic caves are a UNESCO World Heritage site. After a decade of work, the stone was transformed into boutique bedrooms, which are cozy and enticing.

#2 Canaves Oia Hotel, Santorini, Greece

With a secluded pool that is also outdoors, you can have the best of both worlds. You can experience cave luxury at newly renovated one-bedroom, one-bathroom Executive Suites that is offered from Canvaes Oia Hotels. 

Experience a culinary experience of the highest order in a stunning setting. An experience of epicurean splendor awaits at the Canaves Oia Suites, where couples can enjoy the ultimate stellar dining surrounded by Greece’s ever-blue sky and endless seas.

#3 Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Cappadocia, Turkey

Located in Cappadocia’s Ayvali Village near Urgup, this hotel has 18 rooms. All the gorgeous Instagram photos we see of hot air balloons rising above mountains in Cappadocia are of course from this amazing region. Each of the rooms has a natural fairy chimney and all of the creature comforts.

#4 Grand Canyon Caverns, USA

There’s no better place to experience dry caverns than their Cavern Suite, located 220 feet underground and accessible by elevator. The cavern is fully furnished and has a working record player.

#5 The Caves, Jamaica

In Jamaica, on Negril’s scenic West End, this natural preserve turned traveler’s paradise is situated atop limestone cliffs. It offers 13 luxurious accommodations as well as a Jacuzzi, spa, private hot tub, saltwater swimming pool, and sauna. With a beautiful beach only just a minute’s walk away.

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#6 La Dimora di Metello, Italy

This enchanting hotel is located within the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is part of Sassi di Matera. Visit the neighboring region of Puglia and the surrounding area of Basilicata while you are there.

#7 Iconic Santorini Hotel, Greece

Imerovigli Village, located just outside Fira, is an idyllic and romantic spot for the perfect Grecian getaway. There is a calmer alternative to Oia’s ever-popular atmosphere with this hotel carved from a volcanic crater wall. It has been named the most outstanding boutique hotel in Greece for the past four years. Featuring a plunge pool situated on top of a rock formation deep inside the caldera, the cave suite is the property’s newest addition.

#8 Sala Silver Mine, Sweden

Stay in a mine that is among the most well-preserved in the world for 155 meters underground. A magical underground lake and vast caverns await you at the Sala Silver Mine, where temperatures rarely reach more than two degrees. Don’t worry, though: the suite is heated, and the bed has extra blankets.

#9 Elkep Evi Cave Hotel, Turkey

A boutique cave hotel nestled in the mountains of Cappadocia, this hotel offers easy access to the region while keeping it luxurious and comfortable. Breakfast includes homemade Turkish pastries (gozleme) with fresh bread, cheese, and olives along with a stunning view of Cappadocia.

#10 Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Ozark Mountains, USA

With four bedrooms and four bathrooms, this rental home offers 260 acres of luxury. Each room has a rain shower but beware of the stalactites hanging from the roof in the master suite’s private bathroom. Among the activities you can enjoy at the resort are hiking, helicopter rides, fishing, and horseback riding.

#11 Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, Nassau, Bahamas

Enjoy authentic Bahamian service and pristine waters during the entire duration of your stay at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar. Besides providing golf, tennis, and water sports, the resort offers a wildlife sanctuary, eight pools, and snorkeling and kayaking. Take in high-end shopping and the glitz of the Bahamas’ largest casino.

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Go experience their Baha Bay oceanfront Waterpark. With exclusive access and spectacular experiences throughout 15 acres of lush beachfront, guests can enjoy tantalizing cuisine and a wide array of spectacular experiences.

#12 The Argos Cappadocia Hotel, Turkey

The Argos Cappadocia Hotel was built on the ruins of an ancient monastery complex, featuring underground tunnels and caves that connect to mansions and houses. The buildings were restored and transformed according to their principal structural elements. 

Guests of Argos Cappadocia will find their Tıraz Jacuzzi Suite, the newest addition to the 51 exclusive rooms, an experience like no other, with exceptional service and exclusive selections. With Tıraz Jacuzzi Suite, you can relax in your own Turkish bath, and private jacuzzi without ever having to leave the privacy of your own room.

#13 Desert Cave Hotel – Coober Pedy, Australia

Located in the South Australian desert between Adelaide and Alice Springs, Coober Pedy is far from Sydney’s beaches or Cairns’. Due to the extremely hot temperatures above ground that can reach as high as 125 degrees Fahrenheit, many Europeans flocked to the area to strike it rich in the mines when it was discovered there was opal in 1915. 

Residents still prefer to live underground in caves drilled into the hillsides, known as dugouts. It is a thriving town with numerous underground churches, shops, galleries, campgrounds, and a four-star underground hotel, the Desert Cave Hotel, among others. 

In the hotel’s 19 underground suites, you will be able to experience the traditional style of a dugout home. A shopping arcade on the ground floor offers an extensive selection of opals and opal jewelry.

#14 Rochecorbon’s Les Hautes Roches – France

The luxurious Hotel Les Hautes Roches is located just minutes away from the Loire Valley beach. 

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This former monastery dormitory was converted into a luxury vacation retreat after being converted from a monks’ dormitory. Each of the 12 guest rooms is carved from the rockface. 

As part of the war of religion, the caves were used as monk refuges and by quarrying the light-colored stone used to build some of the area’s most famous chateaux. Additionally, the property has an outdoor pool and a large garden.

#15 Kokopelli’s Cave Bed & Breakfast – New Mexico, USA

As one of the only caves in the U.S. of its kind., Kokopelli’s Cave is actually a cave carved into the Tertiary sandstone cliffs of Ojo Alamo, New Mexico. There are no better remote stays available within the United States than this one. 

The cave house is located in the Four Corners area 70 feet beneath ground. Visitors take a dirt road, wind down a sloped path, then climb a ladder to reach this cave house that’s built into a cliff of limestone 300 feet below the La Plata River. 

There are not only breathtaking views of Southwest sunsets, but it also offers tranquility and solitude in the cave-like atmosphere of cave dwelling. The Four Corners encompasses New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.

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