Top 5 Airlines for a Luxurious Travel Experience

Do you dream of luxury air travel—not just your destination but the trip itself? Do you wonder what it would be like to have a jet airplane all to yourself—or at least the feeling you do?

The various countries and airlines define luxury air travel in different ways. But those listed here set and uphold a high standard for air travel.

Let’s find out what makes the top five ranking high in most ratings stand out from the crowd. What follows is a listing of the best luxury airlines — for those wanting privacy, gourmet food, a good night’s sleep, and more.

1. Singapore Airlines — The Epitome of Luxury Air Travel

Among airlines ranking high with customers and known in the industry overall, Singapore Airlines always tops the list of the best airlines to fly. It has been number one for 25 years and is still going strong.

The new Singapore Airlines A380 came along in late 2017 with four seating classes, including six Singapore Airlines Suites and 78 comfortable Business Class seats.

The suites resemble a compact version of a home’s master bedroom. Sleep well, and wake as the plane approaches your destination.

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2. Emirates

In the past three decades, Emirates has gone through explosive growth and now has a global presence—far more than they could have accomplished with their tiny fleet of two planes in 1985.

Even their economy class meals outshine those of most other airlines. First Class is spectacular, even for short-duration flights. They describe their first-class cabins as “private hotel rooms,” and they look great!

3. Etihad Airways

First-class suites are a hallmark of Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways. The “First Apartment” suite on its Airbus A380 “superjumbos” has a leather massaging armchair and a bed that’s 208 cm (nearly seven feet) long.

All Etihad flights and seat classes boast comfortable seating and tasty food. But the First Apartments come closer to life on the ground than anything we’ve seen on other airlines.

4. Cathay Pacific Airways

This 74-year-old Hong Kong-based airline is a classic. The First Class Suite has dark, glossy material on the exterior. Inside are a side console and seat wrapped in natural leather, giving the room a look of sophistication more common to earlier times.

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Wherever your journey originated, an even more luxurious hotel room awaits you when you arrive in Asia’s World City.

5. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways ranked at the top of Skytrax’s list.

The carrier’s chief executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, stated in a press release that Qatar Airways’ goal when it was created in 1993 was always to be named the best airline.

Since the awards began in 1999, Qatar Airways has ranked seven times. The airline also won titles for having the best’s business class, the best business class seat, and the best business class lounge dining.

6. British Airways

Comparatively young at 47 years old, British Airways spans the globe, just as its home country once did. Does the sun ever set on British Airways, though? Yes, if you’re seated in Business or First Class.

Both areas have seating that opens into flat, comfortable beds, with privacy dividers and several other amenities. Plus, this airline also goes to great lengths to accommodate its luxury passengers while waiting in the airport.

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Luxury Abounds at Our Destinations

The best luxury air travel often began with an expectation of providing outstanding service to wealthy customers. This may be a fading ideal today, but luxury first-class air travel has not disappeared altogether.

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