Top 7 Experiences in Saudi Arabia

The metaphorical doors of Saudi Arabia officially opened in 2019 to global tourists of varied backgrounds and not only Muslims on pilgrimage. If you are planning to visit Saudi Arabia soon, here are some of the top experiences you shouldn’t miss. 

Go Camping in Tabuk’s Snowfield 

While Saudi Arabia is often assumed to be a vast, hazy, hot desert, tourists who go on a winter trip to the northern region of Tabuk can look forward to enjoying the surroundings covered in powdery snow.

Top 7 Experiences in Saudi Arabia

For the ultimate winter experience, you can go camping amid snowfields inside a cozy traditional Arabic tent. Saudi winters are known as the season for camping or kashta. It also involves day and night activities including sandboarding, sledding, and stargazing. 

Embark on a Red Sea Cruise 

Top 7 Experiences in Saudi Arabia

Cruise ships set sail from the Red Sea and offer guests a one-of-a-kind getaway that perfectly blends adventure, coastal sun, and culture. Guests can also enjoy boundless skies, elegant spas, and culinary feasts while drifting between islands and sailing for the horizon. 

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Try Deep Diving in Yanbu

Yanbu, a small port city, is endearingly referred to as the Pearl of the Red Sea and is known as the scuba diving capital of Saudi Arabia.

Top 7 Experiences in Saudi Arabia

The famous diving spot is home to countless marine creatures to admire, scuba diving communities, and underwater treasures. This is also where you can find a shipwreck from World War II, a Chinese tugboat that sunk in 1947 and is currently covered by hard and soft corals. 

Explore the Unspoiled Island Archipelago of Umluj

Spectacular and mostly uncharted beach destinations are abundant in Saudi. Think tranquil blue waters, golden stretches of sand, and palm trees dancing in the breeze.

Top 7 Experiences in Saudi Arabia

Umluj is a small coastal town, and the surrounding region is often called the Maldives of Saudi Arabia. Travelers can go to the north of the town to discover over 100 small islands acclaimed for their ancient palm trees and sugary white sands. 

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Discover Diriyah: The Birthplace of Arabia 

The historical center of Diriyah is At-Turaif, a UNESCO-listed site established in the 15th century. It served as the original seat of power of the Al Saud family of Saudi Arabia and features ruins of mud-brick houses with narrow alleyways connecting them.

Top 7 Experiences in Saudi Arabia

The site remained closed to the public ever since it was designated as a UNESCO site in 2010. The area’s redevelopment will allow people to explore the ruins, the myriad museums, and the rest of the spaces inside. 

Enjoy a Scenic Hike at Al Soudah

Al Soudah, covered in juniper, is Saudi Arabia’s unofficial outdoor adventure capital located at 3,000 meters and perched on the side of the highest mountain in the country. 

Top 7 Experiences in Saudi Arabia

It is an area of mist-cloaked valleys, wild nature, and cool mountain air and belongs to the extensive Asir National Park with a network of scenic hiking routes. 

Bask in The Edge of the World’s Incredible Views 

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Jebel Fihrayn, or The Edge of the World is appropriately named as it provides uninterrupted views to the horizon and across the valley floor, from the edge or brink of a sheer precipice.

Top 7 Experiences in Saudi Arabia

The dramatic views gave the nickname to the site, making it one of the most famous tourist destinations in Riyadh. 

Which of these top experiences in Saudi Arabia do you want to try first? 


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