• 8 of the Most Romantic Places in Japan
    The mere mention of Japan conjures images of cherry blossoms and snow-capped mountains. The unique landscape, stunning history and culture, memorable experiences, and delectable cuisine make the country a favorite among couples.  Here are eight of the most romantic places in Japan that will add a spark and ignite your life: 1. Hakone Hakone is a beautiful town that is the perfect representation of traditional Ryokan civilization. There are several gorgeous spa resorts in the area that offer majestic views of the mountain, especially if you go for a cable car ride.  2. Hokkaido Hokkaido serves as the home to […]
  • Hong Kong’s Top 10 Speakeasies
    Speakeasies were the hottest trend during the Prohibition era, serving as the perfect hiding spot where people can fulfill drinking and social needs.  While these illicit establishments no longer exist today, there are still a lot of contemporary bars inspired by speakeasies dotting the streets of Hong Kong where people can drink, dine, and relax.  Here are 10 of the best picks you can visit and try during your Hong Kong trip.  1. 001 With no signages and just an easy-to-miss doorbell that signals you found the right spot, 001 is more than worth the quest. 001 is known for […]
  • Exclusive Luxury Experiences in Jordan
    Warm hospitality, lunar landscapes, and ancient history are some of the many reasons why Jordan deserves a spot on your travel bucket list. If you have always dreamed of a one-of-a-kind vacation, Jordan offers deluxe experiences you can never find anywhere else in the world.  Hot Air Balloons and Helicopter Excursions The best way to explore and experience Jordan is high up in the air! Ride a hot air balloon and view from above Wadi Rum’s towering ancient rocks. Just one captain is operating hot air balloons in the entire Jordan. It is exclusively available in Wadi Rum, offering a […]
  • What to Do in London on a Rainy Day
    London is a wonderful city, however – unfortunately – it often gets a lot of rain. But don’t let the rain stop you from enjoying the city to the fullest. Read on and discover what to do in London on a rainy day: Hit the Cinemas  While it is always an amazing experience to watch a film at the cinema, especially on rainy days, you can make it extra special in London by heading to any of the fantastic independent cinemas in the city.  Any of the excellent Everyman venues, Islington’s Screen on the Green, the Curzon Soho, and Hackney […]
  • Italy: Visit the Five Towns of the Cinque Terre
    The northwest of Italy is an exciting stretch of beautiful, rugged coast that rivals and beats other hotspots in the country. This is what Cinque Terre is all about, composed of five villages spreading more than 2 miles boasting of history as unfathomable as the Ligurian Sea itself.  This article serves as your quick guide in discovering and exploring the five towns of the Cinque Terre: 1. Corniglia The village of Corniglia dates as far back as Roman times, sitting atop a steep cliff with vineyards surrounding it. This is divided into four different sides, with one right above the […]
  • Must-Visit Seattle Destinations for Grey’s Anatomy Fans
    Seattle cemented its spot on the map of pop culture thanks to the hit series Grey’s Anatomy. And even though most of the show’s scenes are filmed in a studio in Los Angeles, die-hard fans shouldn’t miss visiting some landmarks during their visit to the Emerald City.  Here are some of the top must-visit Seattle destinations for Grey’s Anatomy fans out there: Fremont Bridge Find your way across the iconic drawbridge connecting Queen Anne and Fremont, two of the coolest Seattle neighbourhoods, and explore the stomping grounds of Meredith. While you are there, don’t forget to visit the Fremont troll, […]
  • Where to Live in Rome: The Most Exclusive Neighbourhoods
    A total of 21 neighbourhoods make up Rome, and thanks to its long history that dates as far back as 753 BC, it is almost a given that each district boasts at least one historical monument.  If you have plans to move to Rome soon, or you are just curious about the place, you might be interested to learn about its most exclusive neighbourhoods, which include the following: Aventino  Romans who prefer to stay away from the large crowds choose to live in the residential area of Aventino. Its location is to the south of the city center that doesn’t […]
  • Luxury Guide to Amsterdam
    Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is the hub of business, tourism, culture, and politics. This is also a favorite destination among tourists who crave a quick break.  The city is filled with art galleries, world-class museums, fine dining restaurants, magnificent hotels, and shopping experiences that can give Milan or Paris a run for their money.  This luxury guide to Amsterdam gives you tips on how to indulge and enjoy the city to the fullest.  Where to Stay in Amsterdam Luxury hotels can be found everywhere you look in the uber compact city center of Amsterdam compared to other European […]
  • The Best Shopping in Brussels
    The shopping streets and arcades of Brussels are charming all year round, offering a selection of fanciful gifts, top designer boutiques, and perfect vintage treasures.  While diamonds are the real favorite in Brussels, you can also find everything and anything here, from trendy vintage clothes, designer fashions, gourmet gifts, housewares, furniture, art, and more.  The following have some of the amazing experiences for the best shopping in Brussels to help you indulge in a fulfilling retail therapy: 1. Avenue Louise  Avenue Louise can easily satisfy your luxury shopping needs without the need to go somewhere else. The 3-km stretch of […]
  • Thinking of Moving to Ibiza? 8 Things You Need to Know
    300 days of sunshine, tranquil beaches, and the world’s most famous clubs define Ibiza. If you have been lucky enough to visit this small Mediterranean island, you surely wouldn’t be surprised that it is very popular among expats from different parts of the world.  But before you go and pack your bags to move to Ibiza, there are 8 things you should know first to prepare yourself for the more everyday aspect of Ibizan life.  1. Don’t Expect an Easy Life Immediately Ibizans do work hard contrary to popular belief. If you will head to the island for work, especially […]
  • How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance
    Even though the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic has come and gone, the risks continue to linger on people’s minds. Unlike in the pre-pandemic times, travellers have come to realize the importance of always being prepared before you pack your bags and leave for your next trip. Sadly, many people tend to make some dire mistakes when it is time for them to choose their travel insurance.  Don’t forget that travel insurance is no longer for international trips alone. Your typical local health insurance plan doesn’t cover every cost of emergency medical care once you go outside your area of […]
  • Vegan Philosophy: Here’s Why You Should Be Plant-Based
    With the alarmingly increasing rates of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic conditions, more and more people are starting to realize the important role that food plays in their lives and how their choice of food can also make them sick.  But as hundreds of obscure and sometimes absurd fad diets claim to work like magic, one diet has been proven to be effective and delivers on its promised benefits. This is none other than the vegan or plant-based diet.  If you are still wondering if a plant-based diet is worth the switch, here are some reasons why you should make […]