Travel Destinations in Need of Tourism Now

Fancy going on holiday? 

Ok, no need to scream out yes, we can hear your cries from here! It’s true that after a year to forget, the first thought of a large majority of people is when they can finally get abroad and enjoy traveling again. 

The feeling is mutual as a staggering 10.4% of the global GDP and 334 million jobs were dependant on the travel plans of the world in 2019. It is understandable then that multiple travel destinations are desperate to invite you back to visit as soon as possible. 

So whether you are browsing available online travel auctions, just thinking up travel ideas, or ready to book something right now, let us show you which places may be worth considering for your triumphant return to seeing the best the world has to offer. 


With its picturesque beaches and white-washed villages, Greece has always been a favorite. Yet their dependence on tourism has meant that the country has been hit hard by the worldwide pandemic.

To kick start their hopes for a summer of economic recovery, the Greek government has eased entry restrictions initially through its pilot tourism opening scheme. At present, if you are from a selected 31 countries all you need is a negative PCR test and you’re good to go. Yet the date for everyone’s diary is the 14th of May when the country is open to all international travel.

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Travel Destinations in Need of Tourism Now

Another signal to the world that Greece is open to business is the focus of their vaccination push. After they vaccinate the countries most vulnerable, inhabitants of their highly prized islands and workers in the tourism industry (making up 10% of the countries workforce) have been put at the front of the queue to get the jab. 

So if you are considering taking advantage of online travel auctions Greece could be a great travel destination to look out for.


Fancy getting paid to go on holiday? If you do, Malta may be the place for you. 

Often overlooked in comparison to its Mediterranean cousins among prime travel destinations, Malta was starting to turn a corner over the last few years. With Valletta being named the European City of Culture in 2018 things were on an upturn, and the government is trying to do all they can to ensure that Covid doesn’t derail their efforts. 

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Travel Destinations in Need of Tourism Now

A minimal record of Covid cases is in their favor and as an incentive, they are offering money to those who stay in 3, 4, and 5-star hotels. Up to €200 is up for grabs, so if you are looking for some vacation ideas you could do worse than pushing Malta up your list!


Another online travel auctions favorite is Iceland. 

Admired for their vast open spaces and beautiful landscapes, these defining factors have resulted in them being a big draw in this new post covid climate. 

They were quick on the draw when it came to accepting tourists, becoming one of the first countries to accept any tourists who have been vaccinated.

Travel Destinations in Need of Tourism Now

Interestingly, their 180-day long-term visa also earmarks a different type of traveler, remote workers. If you are eligible then enjoying a coffee overlooking fjords and valleys instead of your usual horizon when working from home may be just what the doctor ordered, especially after a year of lockdown.  

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Your Favourite Travel Destinations at Your Fingertips

We have considered just 3 however many great travel destinations are ready with open arms to have you back with them. Fortunately for you, there is no need to go that far as you can find great deals for all of the places mentioned and more right here.

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