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One of the greatest traveler destinations in Greece and one of the loveliest, Mykonos overwhelmingly draws in partiers, cruisers, also honeymooning couples. It’s the most costly island in the Cyclades; however, it’s hard to defy with its winding roads, tiny alleys streets fixed with whitewashed residences overlooking a stunning harbor, ancient windmills, scenic beaches, astounding eateries, and wild nightlife. 

The party continues all night here, as top-notch DJs blast whopping music across the seaside all the way into the morning hours. It’s a vigorous island, particularly in the summer, when it’s overflowing to the seams with sightseers. Costs soar during this time, though, making a couple of days in heaven a pricey affair. 

Something About Mykonos

Several individuals view that Greece often is more affordable than certain other European destinations; notwithstanding, Mykonos will in general incline toward the expensive side. Mykonos is acclaimed for wonderful seashores, phenomenal seafood, heartfelt resorts, and an insane party scene. It’s a well-known tourist spot among the affluent and numerous celebs! While it’s a superb honeymoon destination, the summer swarms are likely to be youngsters searching for a happy time. 

As referenced previously, Mykonos is without a doubt steeper than other Greek islands, therefore plan to pay a premium at cafés in the core of Little Venice and for lodging in the beach or central regions. 

What To Do On Mykonos? 

There are heaps of activities to do on Mykonos, for example:

Historical Sites 

Mykonos is the doorway to the sacrosanct island of Delos, the legendary origin of Apollo & Aphrodite, a UNESCO World Heritage site plus amongst the most significant and well-maintained archeological locations in Greece. Day-to-day boat tours leave from the dock in Hora. 

Sunset Viewing

Premier spots for viewing the best free show on earth comprise the bars of Little Venice for Hora, Kato Mili (a timeless quartet of windmills on a hillock overseeing Little Venice) also Agios Ioannis beach. 

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Water Sports 

Go to the Windsurf Center Mykonos on Kalafatis Beach for modules, or try out adrenaline-packed exercises, for instance, wakeboarding, wakeskating, and flyboarding with Platys Gialos Watersports on the eponymous coast. 


Mykonos has many caves, walls, and wrecks to tempt amateurs & advanced divers similarly. Diving operators are placed on Lia Beach, Kalafatis Beach along with Paradise Beach. The soundest outfits incorporate GoDive Mykonos and Mykonos Diving Center. 


Mykonos boasts a lot of spots to venture out, from infinitude pools at top inns and private plunge pools to 25 delightful sandy seashores that periphery the island. 

Mountain Biking 

Mykonos Island has hilly inside, calm backwoods streets, quiet towns, and some virtually isolated shores along the north coast. Yummy Pedals tailors guided mountain-biking voyages through the island to fit your skill level. 

Different Things To View & Do In Mykonos 

  • Visit the Archaeological Museum 
  • Explore Lena’s House 
  • Go snorkeling 
  • Watch the nightfall at the Windmills 
  • Go scuba diving 
  • Chill out at Elia Beach 
  • Visit the Aegean Maritime Museum 
  • Take a boat trip

Where To Dine In Mykonos? 

Mykonos has a staggering feasting scene. The densest grouping of feasting choices is in Hora, where guests can attain anything from upmarket fusion eating characterized by M-Eating & Funky Kitchen to conventional Greek tavernas like Joanna’s Nikos Place. 

You can locate a lot of choices along Ornos Beach and Platys Gialos Beach. Almost any beach on Mykonos Island has a minimum of one good restaurant, the most famous of which is Kiki’s Taverna over Agios Sostis beach. 

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Where To Stay In Mykonos? 

  • Cavo Tagoo 
  • Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort
  • Santa Marina Mykonos
  • Alissachni
  • Katikies
  • Bill And Coo
  • Artisti Villa
  • Greco Philia Hotel Boutique
  • Belvedere Hotel

Getting Around Mykonos 

Subject to your kind of excursion, we prescribe staying nearby town. You can stay at a loft in Lakka Square, which was situated in the core of Mykonos Metropolis. This is the place where the shops in general and eateries are found (comprising ‘Little Venice.’) 

You can stay nearer to the beach; however, you’ll probably pay a premium. Numerous beaches are only a couple of miles from the heart of town, so you can straightforwardly take a scooter to the beach for the day. 

Car Rental 

Car rentals are accessible and the driver’s requisite International Driving License also should be something like 21 years old. 


For nightlife, there are bus transfers accessible from town to the great nightclubs. 


Arrange an airport transfer via your lodging if possible. Taxicabs can be untrustworthy at the airport for a fast ride to the city. 

Rent An ATV Or Scooter 

Notwithstanding where you lodge, rent an ATV or scooter for the period of your visit. You can require picturesque day trips to various beaches nearby the island. Nothing is actually too far to get to. 

How To Get To Mykonos? 

Coming to Mykonos from Athens and several of the other bigger islands shouldn’t be an issue at all. Though you can get a flight from Athens to Mykonos on Aegean Air, with a flight season of roughly 40-mins, you can pick to go by ship from the Piraeus port in Athens. 

Contingent upon the ship you book, the journey could endure anywhere between 2.5-hrs. to a little more than 5 hrs. on the many sluggish services. Particularly during the busiest summer months, ship operators do propose more constant, planned takeoffs evaluated during the calmer ‘non-touristy’ months. 

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When To Go To Mykonos? 

The majority would agree that the outright peak season in Greece, particularly the islands, is during the hotter summer months (Jul & Aug). Typically, during these times the islands might be overfull and hence, one would avoid these months. 

Some prefer to visit toward the end of May into early Jun, and realized this time of year is awesome. The climate is warm, and the island wasn’t also invaded with guests. Correspondingly, the months of September & October are likewise an incredible time to visit as well. 

How Many Days Should You Spend In Mykonos?

You’ll require something like 2 entire days in Mykonos to exploit all that the island brings to the table. Nonetheless, on the condition that you have the opportunity on your Greece itinerary, we prescribe 4 to 5 days! 


As should be obvious, Mykonos is truly not just with regard to reveling so despite whether you’re not a night owl; it’s honestly worth experiencing the laid-back ambiance of this lovely island. Simply ensure to book everything well beforehand since Mykonos is actually that famous, particularly in the summer season.


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