Travel Guide to the Enchanting San Miguel de Allende

Named one of the world’s top cities, the Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende offers its guests an endless selection of charming boutiques and alleys waiting to be explored. After the sun sets, mariachi bands in perfect adornment swarm at the gorgeous central church to fill the night with music.

If you are planning to visit this picturesque town soon, here are some interesting facts you should know:

San Miguel de Allende at a Glance 

Located in the state of Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende is among the key cities in the colonial heartland of Mexico. The closest airports at León and Querétaro at about 70 and 45 miles away respectively. it is recommended to rent a car once you arrive at the airport. 

Travel Guide to the Enchanting San Miguel de Allende

Temperatures in the area range from 74 to 81 degrees throughout the year, which makes it the perfect destination with four seasons. Just make sure you bring some layers with you because abrupt temperature changes may occur because of the mountainous environs. The Mexican peso is the currency in the area with Spanish as its official language.

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Best Things to Do 

Being a classical town of colonial Mexico, San Miguel de Allende serves as the home to numerous landmark sites waiting to be discovered and explored by enthusiastic and curious visitors.

Travel Guide to the Enchanting San Miguel de Allende

Going for a stroll on the cobblestone streets will lead you to architectural achievements that date as far back as the 17th and 18th centuries. These very structures are the reason why UNESCO designated San Miguel as a World Heritage Site. 

Don’t miss the chance to see the iconic sights such as the La Parroquia, the unique neo-Gothic church that is both lovely to look at on ground level and from the hill above the town or the rooftop bars. 

Be sure to explore a little bit further out of the town. The nature preserve of El Charco del Ingenio offers exciting opportunities for immersive cultural and outdoor experiences. 

A Unique Culture

Critical chapters in the history of Mexico were written San Miguel de Allende whose name references one chapter and the main protagonist, Ignacio Allende, a captain in the Spanish army who advanced and embraced the independence of Mexico. 

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The colonial influences can also be seen all over the city, mainly in the well-preserved architecture. However, modern-day San Miguel is also a reflection of the influences of its huge population of expats. Writers and artists, many of them from the US, have been visiting the area for years. They all made and left their mark on the cultural life and served as the city’s stimulus to be as bicultural and bilingual as it is. 

Travel Guide to the Enchanting San Miguel de Allende

Must-Try Foods and Drinks 

San Miguel de Allende’s dining scene has something in store for everyone. From the modern Mexican at famous upscale restaurants such as Moxi to the top-rated Argentinean, Peruvian, Thai, and Japanese restaurants, chefs from different parts of the world are sharing their culinary skills.

You can also find an extensive selection of international sweets here, specifically at the bakery El Petit Four. The rooftop bars Luna and La Azotea are also hard to beat, especially after the sun sets if you want to indulge in refreshing drinks amid atmospheric settings. 

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