Traveling Solo: Exploring the World While Expanding Your Own

Many are excited by the idea of traveling, but traveling alone tends to make people feel nervous. Without a group to plan activities with and no one familiar to fall back on if you get lost, the idea of going solo is enough to put almost anyone off of a trip by their lonesome. Even so, with any fear or anxiety comes rewards for pushing past that uncertainty, and when it comes to taking a solo trip, that is especially true. Below are a few reasons you should consider taking a solo trip at least once in your life.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 

It is often said that the only way to move past a fear is to face it. Traveling solo even though it makes you nervous can give you the push you need to get out of your comfort zone and help you see just what you’re capable of. 

Independence and Empowerment

In a similar vein, those who travel solo may enjoy a heightened sense of confidence in themselves. Were you able to navigate the unfamiliar city without getting turned around? Did you book a hotel, order the local cuisine or go on a tour without speaking a word of the local language? Traveling solo will open your eyes to all of the things you had no idea you could do, which could translate to other aspects of your life. This sort of empowerment isn’t one that can be given by someone else–only experienced by someone who has taken on the world all on their own.

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New Friends

There are people all across the world who have so much more in common with you than your next door neighbor. Without traveling, the chances of you ever meeting them are next to nothing. While the idea of solo travel seems to make people think that they will be ‘solo’ the whole time, that isn’t true. Traveling can lead to meaningful interactions with locals and fellow travelers who can become friends for life

Get to Know Yourself

Traveling alone leaves you with a lot of time spent in your own company, and during this time, you could learn new things about yourself that you might otherwise miss by constantly being in the presence of other people. With plenty of time for reflection, you can think about your decisions, think about your actions and learn more about just what it is that makes you, you


When you travel solo, you aren’t stuck doing whatever it is that the rest of your travel group wants to do. Instead, you’re the one in charge of the schedule–where you go, when you go and for how long. This ensures you actually see the sights that you want to see instead of compromising by going with the majority. In this way, traveling alone presents new opportunities that you might not otherwise get in a group. 

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When traveling solo, you only have yourself to rely on. Though this can seem daunting, the truth is that the benefits of going solo on your adventures is actually a gift waiting to be unwrapped.


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