Traveling with Pets: What You Need to Know

Pets are now parts of the family, so it only makes perfect sense if you want to travel with your pet, too! This is why it is no longer a surprise that more and more airports and hotels are now catering to the needs of furry travelers to give you peace of mind during your trips with your four-legged friend. 

However, before you get too excited to book that plane ticket, here are a few things you need to know if you have plans to travel with your pets. 

Stay Updated with Your Pet’s Vaccines

See to it that your pet is updated on all his vaccines and prepare the necessary paperwork to prove it. If you have a pet dog, for example, and you are returning to the US from a country with a high risk for rabies, you can only the US if you have a valid rabies vaccination certificate. 

Traveling with Pets: What You Need to Know

Although cats are not required to have a rabies vaccination to enter the US, most countries mandate the latest rabies vaccination. The vet can inform you about what you need depending on your destination.

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Make sure you also visit the vet before the trip to address any other health concerns that your pet may have. List all the clinics and vets in the place where you are going in case of emergencies. 

Look for Pet-Friendly Accommodations

While most Airbnbs and hotels are pet-friendly, confirm that they are friendly to your pet before booking a room. Some accommodations only allow pets that weigh a maximum of 40 pounds.

Traveling with Pets: What You Need to Know

Certain dog breeds are not accepted in others, while some may not allow dogs but accept cats. Some may only have space for one pet alone and anything beyond is not allowed. 

Always do your research to ensure that your pet will be welcomed in your chosen accommodation. 

Make Sure Your Pet Is Welcome

Speaking of being welcomed, see to it that your pet is welcomed not just where you plan to go but also how you plan to get there. Some animals are banned on airlines, including emotional support animals.

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Traveling with Pets: What You Need to Know

Other states like California don’t permit animals such as sugar gliders within the state. Check online for your research to learn about your method of travel and destination to ensure that your pet is allowed there. 

Plan the Trip and Pack the Necessary Supplies Accordingly 

If you will be traveling by car, make sure you plan your stops along the way. Search for rest stops with areas where your pet can walk around, eat food, drink water, and use the bathroom. Don’t forget to bring bags for cleaning after your pet.

Traveling with Pets: What You Need to Know

Ensure that the crate of your pet is also big enough for him to move around and stand up. Pack a blanket that smells just like home to lessen the stress that the trip may bring. If you are driving, your pet must stay inside the crate and in the backseat. If an accident occurs, your pet will be safer if he is inside the crate compared to when he is wandering around the vehicle freely. Keeping your pet in a crate also means you will be less distracted by them. 

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Don’t forget to bring a harness or leash, collar, blanket or bed, water, food, treats, toys, bowls, supplements and medicines, baby wipes, a brush, old towels, toenail clippers, vaccination records, a first aid kit, bags, and a disposable litter box or puppy pads.

Keep these things in mind and have the best trip with your fur baby!


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